Wednesday 9 March 2016

Easy Easter Treats - Rice Crispie Nests

Last year I showed you how to create some delicious simple Easter treats so I thought this year I would bring the tradition back and think of something new to do! Last year’s recipes included Crème Egg Cookies, Chocolate Nests and Marshmallow Bark.

Few handfuls of Rice Crispies
300g White Chocolate
100g Milk Chocolate
1 cup All Bran
1 x Bag of Mini Eggs

These rice crispie nests are really easy to make and don’t cost the earth in ingredients. They are a great change to your standard nests and an alternative version of my Chocolate Nests from last year.

Start off by melting 300g white chocolate. I chose to break mine up and put it in the microwave and heat through, stirring every 30 seconds until melted. When your chocolate has melted, stir in some rice crispies. There are no exact quantities for this, just add enough that they get coated with the chocolate. Place your rice crispie mixture into cupcake cases with a spoon.

Next, melt 100g of milk chocolate and using the same method as you did with the rise crispies, add the all-bran and coat well with the chocolate. Add a teaspoon of the chocolatey all bran to the tops of your rice crispie treats and finish off with a couple of mini eggs on top.

Simple, delicious and very budget friendly! Will you be giving these a go?


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