Monday 28 March 2016

Chocolate Orange Cheesecake

I recently made my mum a cheesecake for her birthday after deciding that the usual sponge cake or cupcakes I make were getting a bit boring. I debated between making a mini egg cheesecake or a chocolate orange one so in the end I settled for the chocolate orange knowing my mum is a big fan! Keep reading for the delicious recipe.

15 Plain Digestives
120g Stork Margarine
200g Philadelphia Cream Cheese
180ml Double Cream
100g Icing Sugar
2 Terry's Chocolate Orange's

Start off by crushing your digestive biscuits until they resemble a fine powder. If you've got a food processor it may be easier to put them in there but I just put mine into a sandwich bag and crushed them with a rolling pin. Melt your Stork Margarine and add this to the biscuits. Press your mixture into a cheesecake pan and set aside in the fridge whilst you prepare the rest of the cheesecake.

Mix the Philadelphia and icing sugar together in a bowl. In a separate bowl, whisk your double cream until it becomes whipped and has stiff peaks.

Open your chocolate oranges and set aside around 10-12 segments for decoration and melt the rest. Mix the melted chocolate with the double cream and then fold into your Philadelphia mix and whisk until light and fluffy.

Place your mixture on top of your biscuit base and decorate with the remaining segments. Pop in the fridge to set for around 4 hours and enjoy!

I thought this cheesecake was going to be sickly with how much chocolate I put in there, but it was actually really refreshing with the orange. One slice wasn't quite enough! Let me know if you try this recipe - or if you have any other great ideas for future cheesecakes!


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