Thursday 30 June 2022

Kitchen Transformation with Desenio*

When we moved into our home one of the first things I wanted to do was change the kitchen, but soon realised this would be quite a big expense. The kitchen was very dated with brown wooden cabinets and lino flooring. When we had saved up enough money, I had Norfolk Custom Kitchens provide us with a quote and we booked him in for the following month.

We started off by ripping out the old kitchen, very satisfying. This left us with even more mess and with a toddler around we were keen to get it finished as soon as we could. Luckily the workmen were fast and before we knew it the electrician had rewired the room ready for our new appliances.

When the kitchen was finished I really liked it but felt as though it wasn't complete and it just needed something else. Wall art can really go a long way to complete a room and the blank space on the wall above the boiler was a canvas just waiting to be filled. I've known of Desenio for a number of years and when looking for art they are my go to. The brand is considered one of the best in the industry and they have thousands of different designs to choose from.

The Desenio website was so easy to use, I ended up just typing in 'kitchen' in the search and looking through all of the ones that came up to find the ones perfect for this space. The results ranged from scenery to photography to word art and illustrations. When I had chosen the three prints I liked the look of, I was then presented with different measurements to choose from. I chose the sizes I wanted and liked the fact that the correct size frame was also recommended to me so I added those to the basket too. I found the Gallery Wall Tool really helpful too because I could see which sizes looked great alongside each other.

My parcel arrived in just a few days and was packaged well. I opted for black frames for each print to go with the kitchen decor and these were in the main box, with the actual art in a separate cardboard envelope to keep it flat. I took off the protective film, placed my prints in the frames and they were good to go. We put them on the wall, stood back and admired the finished look. I am very impressed with the prints I chose and really do think they finish off the kitchen.

I went for the following prints:

I put the three larger prints on the empty space above the boiler which filled the space perfectly. I then put the smaller coffee print above the kettle. The colours were so complimentary to the colours of my kitchen and even matched the kettle. I have since received multiple compliments on the art since having them up.

My overall experience with Desenio from start to finish has been exceptional and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to buy affordable good quality wall art. There really is something for everyone with the wide range of categories available online. 
*Ad- This blog post is sponsored by Desenio.

Wednesday 8 June 2022

Rome Honeymoon - Days 7 & 8

After a crazy jam packed few days I decided to plan this day as a bit of a rest day. I didn’t want to put too much pressure on having something to do every day and thought some down time would do us some good.

Today was a special day for us as it was James’ birthday! I managed to keep all of the plans for the day a secret so I couldn’t wait to share with him what we were doing and hope he has the best day he can despite not being at home. It wasn’t easy to bring any actual presents with me so I presented him with a card and we started the day off nice and early for breakfast.

Our apartment was right near to a Mcdonalds so we decided to get some breakfast and take the day nice and slow. I really wanted to do a bit of shopping at our own leisure.

After breakfast we took public transport to Bioparco Zoo which took nearly an hour. James and I had our first date at a zoo and have been to a different one nearly every year since we met so I thought it was quite fitting that we had a look around one. It was very quiet here but it was nice to look around and the animals seemed to be fairly happy.

After the zoo, we had a wander around Villa Borghese Gardens which is right nearby. I had also seen there was a nice lookout point here too where you could get a lovely view of the city. We hired a little 4 wheeled electric bike for an hour which was fun but scary! Everyone was on them. It was easier to get about this way.

We then headed back to the apartment, got freshened up and ready to head out again for dinner. I decided to take James to Hard Rock Café. Having never been to one myself, I thought it would be a nice reliable option as I know we both like that sort of food. We also indulged in a few cocktails (or mocktails for me!). It was a really lovely chilled day.

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