Tuesday 22 March 2016

The Crime Museum Uncovered - London

Last week I attended The Crime Museum Exhibit in the Museum of London. Becky Bedbug kindly bought me a ticket for the exhibit as I won her secret giveaway! I never win anything so I was over the moon. Thank you so much Becky!

 The items in this museum were originally only available for Metropolitan Police (I was considering asking for a transfer to London just to see this museum hah.) The exhibition gives a fascinating insight into the history of London's crimes and how they were solved.

One of the reasons I couldn't wait to see the exhibit is that I love anything crime related. I have 100's of magazines under my bed called 'The Crime Files' and I used to love researching different crimes. The morbid side of me couldn't wait to see real life  objects and seized evidence that were used in crimes including terrorism and murder.Some of the items in the museum are just everyday items, for example a pair of tights. There's usually nothing out of the ordinary with a pair of tights but this pair had been used by murderer Gordan Cummings to strangle 2 female victims. Quite eerie when you think about it.

The exhibits ranged from weapons that had been used in crimes to diary entries and newspaper clippings. The museum has death masks and nooses and it's outlined who these belonged to. When I was looking at one of the exhibits , a policeman's pocket notebook, the man next to me actually said it was his old notebook! Fascinating. He didn't even know it was in the museum as he was long retired. I loved reading about The Kray's and seeing some of the items used in their crimes. I recently reviewed The Town House restaurant where Reggie Kray died.

There was so much to see in the museum and it was so busy I found it hard to look and read every single exhibit so I bought the book at the end which details all of the items held within the museum. I definitely recommend this book, it was £10 and packed with photos and interesting stories. I definitely advise visiting the exhibit if you can before it goes. I'll be keeping an eye out for anything similar and hopefully one day it will return so I can get a second look.

The Crime Museum Uncovered is open until 10th April 2016. I suggest booking tickets online to avoid disappointment.


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