Wednesday 16 March 2016

My Tattoos

I love watching videos on YouTube where people show their tattoos and the meanings, and as a blogger not a YouTuber I thought why not make this into a blog post instead of a video? Firstly I'd like to apologise for the photo quality, it's really hard to take photos of various body parts without help!

The first tattoo I got was these stars on my hip. I think I was 16 when I got this, I won't say where as obviously they shouldn't have been tattooing minors. It was a time when all of my friends were getting them and I just wanted something simple. I sometimes forget I have this tattoo, and if people ask why I got it, I always say the same thing "because I give a 5*service".. LOL.

The second tattoo I got was even more adventurous, I kid. I got these stars on my foot. I was a big scene kid, if you didn't have a star tattoo you weren't cool. I designed this myself on Photoshop using various star shaped brushes, printed it off and got it inked a few weeks later. I was 18 when I had this one, it was probably the most painful one I've had. I also forget about this one because I rarely have my feet out, I'm a sock-a-holic.

The third tattoo I got was genuinely more adventurous on my left thigh. I got this when I was 21, shortly after Ryan Dunn died and the skull and crutches are to represent the Jackass logo. I love the design, it's a much better portrayal of the Jackass logo than just sticking the logo on my leg. It reminds me to be carefree.  It reminds me of my childhood when we used to play ‘Jack’s Ass’ and when we used to mess around without a care in the world. And of course it reminds me of Dunn. The writing 'Tosac Cata As Deire'Air' was something I found on my family crest - It means (roughly translated) "The first one in the battle is the last one standing". I thought that was pretty cool.

I got my next tattoo on my lower inner ankle when I was 22 in 2012. This was the year of partying. I had 3 holidays this year, I went skiing, went to Florida and Ibiza. I was out every weekend, taking every opportunity for a night out that I could get, so I got this tattoo 'Carpe Noctem' meaning Seize the night to remind me of this period of my life. I like the placement of this tattoo but feel like it looks a bit lonely and would eventually like to have more around it in the distant future.

The final and most recent tattoo I got was when I was 23 on my right thigh on my birthday. The guy who did this also did my left thigh and I was following him on Instagram when I noticed him post this design up for grabs. I was currently going through training for a new job and this fit the space perfectly, and I loved everything about it. I had been thinking of what I could have next and when I saw this I knew I had to have it. I never asked what the writing "I'm trying to believe in you" comes from, but I am 95% certain it comes from an Ataris song.

So that's all for my tattoos, I don't currently have plans for any more but I would like more in the future. My larger tattoos have been ones that I knew were just right and I think if I were to get any more I want to have that feeling again that I know they're 100% right for me. They may not be to everyone's taste but I like them all.

Do you have any tattoos? What are the meanings behind them?


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