Thursday 31 March 2016

Emie Devil Horn Earphones*

I can’t live without some form of headphones and they’re an essential for the gym and for work when I want to catch up with Netflix at lunch time. When I was given the chance to review some interesting earphones from Emie, I couldn’t wait to try them and check out their unique design.

The Emie Devil Horn Earphones are available on their website for $39.99 and for that you get the devil horn shaped earphones, a wire container, user manual and extra earbud tips. I received the earphones in the colour blue but they are also available in red.

When I first saw the unique devil horn shape I did wonder if they would stay in my ears seeing as the external design seemed heavier than the ear bud section. I can however confirm that this was not a problem, I have used these on the treadmill and had no problems with them falling out. What surprised me most was how good they were at reducing background noise. As soon as I put them in they seemed to block out any sounds from the outside world which is exactly what I look for in a set of headphones. The sound was actually fantastic quality with a deep and powerful bass sound. I listened to all sorts of music and everything sounded great.

I received these earphones in a lovely tin package which is great to store them in. They also came with an exclusive plastic devil head to store the earphones safely and this also keeps them from getting tangled up. I think it’s such a great design and like nothing I have ever seen before. The earphones have a cord zipper design which can be moved up and down to achieve your desirable length. They feel of a really good quality and the attention to detail is outstanding. They are branded with the logo and also with a little devil which you would only notice if you looked closely. You can really see that so much care and attention has been put into designing and producing these earphones.

I love how these look too, I almost want to show them off. At least you know that you’re going to stand out from the crowd with this fashionable, unique design. Overall I was really impressed with the quality and design of these earphones and will definitely be looking into what else the brand has to offer. 

What do you think of these earphones? Is this something you’d love to wear too?

*I received these earphones free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I was not influenced in any way. Please see my disclaimer for more information.

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