Wednesday 29 June 2016

Planete Chocolat Handmade Truffle Review*

I am a huge fan of chocolate, what girl isn’t? I love luxurious rich tasting chocolates. I received a delicious box of Handmade Belgian Chocolate Truffles from Planete Chocolat and this was exactly what I needed and craved whilst settling in to watch a film when relaxing in the evening. 

The box arrived beautifully packaged. It was wrapped in thick bubble wrap casing to fully protect the parcel and I was astonished when I opened the box to see a gorgeous suede bag with a greetings card in the front. You can have any message you like customised in the card so it makes a lovely gift.

The assortment of 21 truffles comes beautifully presented in a box specially made for them and costs just €44.90. This box could be the perfect gift for someone you love. The truffles follow the traditional recipe based on a mix of cream, vanilla and cocoa powder with the addition of some intense flavours such as coconut and pistachio ganache. You can even add an extra layer of truffles for €22.45 if you are feeling even more generous.

Planete Chocolat offers the best quality Belgian chocolate possible and all of their products are made from 100% pure cocoa butter. They offer free delivery within 24hrs to Belgium, France, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Denmark and Monaco. My parcel arrived promptly and I received text updates from the courier when it was on its way.

My favourite truffles were the coconut and white chocolate ones. They were so rich and creamy with the perfect coating of coconut goodness around the outside, I have never tasted a truffle so divine in my entire life. All of them were delicious in their own way. The pistachio truffle was rolled in crushed pistachio flakes and tasted different to any truffle I have tasted before. The unique flavours are what made these really special.

Head over to Planete Chocolat to purchase the box I received and browse many of the other options available. They made my night all the more special!

*I received these chocolates free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I was not influenced in any way.

Monday 27 June 2016

The FURminator – It’s Time to Groom!*

You may have seen my fluffy cat Biscuit feature on my blog quite a bit recently so when I was offered the chance to try out some products from FURminator, I jumped at the chance of being able to show Biscuit off again. Biscuit is such a poser and is a domestic long haired ginger cat. His hair is usually everywhere and I am never far from a lint roller.

Firstly, I received the FURminator deShedding tool. This tool is the number one choice when it comes to preventing your pet from shedding hair around the home and was designed by professional groomers.  These premium quality deShedding tools can reduce the level of shedding by up to 90%. The stainless steel de-shedding edge reaches through the topcoat to safely remove loose hair without cutting or damaging your pets skin underneath.

Biscuit found the process quite relaxing and it was nice to get rid of lots of loose hairs that would no doubt end up all over the furniture! Once your have brushed your pet a few times, the de-shedding edge fills with hair. The FURejector button releases the hair with ease making de-shedding easier than ever. The ergonomic handle means this is easy to grip and hold and comfortable to use.

The FURminator deShedding tool is so simple to use as I have demonstrated in this short video below. By grooming your cat you can decrease shedding and reduce hairballs. This also stimulates natural oil production which protects the skin and ensures your cat has a healthy coat. I have definitely noticed that biscuit feels a lot softer since using the FURminator.

I also received the Hairball Prevention Waterless Spray for cats. This helps to reduce hairballs and excess shedding so goes hand in hand with the DeShedding tool. The website states "This proprietary blend of ingredients is formulated specifically for cats to helps reduce loose hair from shedding and effectively reduces hairballs by reducing loose hair ingested by cats associated with self-grooming without bathing". I simply sprayed this onto Biscuit's coat, rubbed it through his fur and then towel dried the remaining moisture.

Overall I am really impressed with these must-have pet products. You can view the full range of FURminator products here and also buy them on Amazon or in pet stores. What do you think?

*I received these items free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I was not influenced in any way.

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Healthy Dog Food -*

Last month I was given the chance to try out some dog food from When I say try out, I mean give to my dog – not me! After featuring my cat in a few posts recently I thought it was only fair I featured one of my dogs too. I decided to choose Ruby as the test subject as she is the most fussy of my two dogs so I wanted to see if this was something she would like.

The website was fun and easy to use. It was very interactive and asked me about Ruby’s health, skin condition, age, weight and taste preferences. This took about 2 minutes to fill out. This then calculated that Ruby was allowed 35g of dry food a day. delivers tailor-made food which is blended to each dogs nutritional and dietary needs as every dog is different. It enables you to change the way your dog is fed for the better. For example, if your dog is older their metabolism will be slower and the amount of food they need will vary so that they don’t gain weight. offers exceptional quality at competitive prices. You can set up a direct debit so that new food is delivered exactly when you need it. Each bag of food comes with a really handy scoop which measures out the exact amount your dog needs each day. I thought this was a great idea and meant that I could be consistent with the portion sizes. The website also follows a sophisticated algorithm which accounts for each dog’s specific life-stage and every blend evolves over time to provide the optimum nutrition at every life-stage – meaning that as a dog changes, their food does too. This is something so unique and a brilliant idea to keep your dog happy and healthy throughout their entire lifespan.

Ruby was 14 years old this year and is a cross between a Jack Russell and a West Highland Terrier. We also have a 15 year old dog called Buster and as they are both considered elderly it’s nice to know we can give them the best foods towards the end of their lives and keep them healthy. Ruby doesn’t have long left unfortunately so we want to make her as happy as possible and the food from certainly did this. Ruby really enjoyed her blended sample and wouldn’t even let Buster near it! The scoop provided the optimum amount and Ruby wasn’t left hungry at the end of her meal. If even fussy Ruby likes the food then it must be good! Unfortunately the food cannot cure cancer which will get Ruby in the end, but I do feel as though it has made a difference in the short time we trialled the food. Ruby’s coat was shinier and healthier and she generally seemed to have a bit more energy which is good going for an old dog!

I would definitely recommend if you are looking for a custom created dog food that you know is full of healthy ingredients for your dog. The food contains 38% meat content, 3.4% fibre and 22.5% protein. It made Ruby a happy little dog and I would love to see all dogs as happy as she was.

If you would like a free trial of some custom made food for your dog, head over to and enter the code: TAILS_RUBY. What have you got to lose?

*I received this sample free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I was not influenced in any way. Please see my disclaimer for more information.

Monday 20 June 2016

Discover Arbonne Event

I recently attended an event in Norwich where I was able to discover a new brand I had never heard of before called Arbonne which sells a variety of health and beauty products. 

When I arrived I was greeted by Sarah and Kate who had set the event up. There was a table full of goodies and I couldn’t wait to try everything. Sarah and Kate were both lovely and very knowledgeable about the brand and ready to answer any questions we had. They made me feel very welcome and I love how the room was set out.

 We learned a bit about Arbonne. They have over 500 products in total ranging from skincare to nutrition, make-up to baby products. All of the products are vegan, gluten free and kosher. Kim was impressed as she is gluten intolerant so it was good to know she could use all of these products without getting a reaction.

We got to try out a lot of the products. It was a bit like a Body Shop Party where items were passed around and talked about whilst we tried them out. One of my favourite items was the primer. I always got told to put primer in the crease between your thumb and forefinger and if you can notice a difference in the wrinkles then you know the primer is going to be good. This one smoothed out all of the fine lines and left my skin feeling so smooth. 

We also tried out some of the foundations. The liquid foundation has an SPF of 15, is matte and has a buildable coverage. There was also a mineral powder which I would be intrigued to try. The setting powder was weightless and stops any oily shine. Initially I thought this had a bit too much shimmer in it but once it was on the skin it blended out like a dream. I loved the bronzer too. There is only one shade but this can be blended out or layered up to suit all skin tones. The bronzer contains lavender extracts to hydrate the skin, chamomile to smooth and liquorice to moisturise. I also adored the Arbonne brush set which was so nice to use. I would love to be fully made over in Arbonne products to see how they fair to my current ones.

I was very kindly given some products to take away and try. These were labelled depending on your skin type. I was given FC5 for my dry skin. In the pack there was a cleanser, day cream, night cream and eye cream. I have been using these for just over a week now and I love that they feel lightweight on my skin and have really improved the texture. I no longer have dry patches on my skin when putting my makeup on. I also received an ultra hydrating hand cream which is exactly as it says on the tube. I love it. I am actually going to save this for when the weather starts getting colder and my hands are dryer.  

I met four lovely bloggers whilst I was there, I also attended the event with my best blogger friend Kim. I have posted all of their links below so please check them out if you are looking for some lovely new bloggers to follow.

Shelley – The Shelley Diaries 
Laura – Laura Loves 
Claire – My Scribble Spot 

Have you ever heard of Arbonne? Is this something you would like to try out. If you’re from Norwich, follow Kate on twitter for news of future events.


Friday 17 June 2016

June 2016 Glossybox

I have been receiving my Glossybox for over 5 years now, I cannot believe how crazy that is and how many products I have received in that time. Nevertheless, the excitement every month is still there and that is what keeps me coming back time and time again. This month’s box had a summer vibe to it and contained things that I will definitely be using this summer. We also received a bonus item which was good, read on for my full review.

Konjac Sponge – Full Size £6.99
I have seen these sponges around and I wanted to try one for a while now. These sponges are the latest trend in Japan and are made from the natural fibres of the konjac vegetable. These sponges are known for their ability to hold water and can buff your skin beautifully. The sponge is more gently than a scrub but left my skin feeling very smooth. The texture feels like rubber. You need to hang this sponge up to dry to keep it fresh which is my only annoyance as I can’t take it to the gym but I really like what this has done for me so far. I would definitely repurchase these if I saw them in a store.

Ladival – Sun Protection Spray – Full Size £19.99
After receiving a sun protection oil last month I was initially disappointed to see another one in the box, especially as it has the same SPF. It would have been nicer to perhaps receive a higher SPF so I had  range to try out. That being said I really do like this product. The lotion sprays on so applies easily and really sinks into the skin which I like. This isn’t necessarily a product I would pick up in store as the packaging doesn’t appeal to me but I would definitely buy this again. The Ladival spray provides protection against four types of UV rays which most sunscreens don’t do. It’s also water resistant and free from perfume so works really well with my eczema. It’s great to feel that I’m really protected when wearing this.

De Bruyere – After Sun Lotion – Full Size £9.48
After sun is something I definitely like to use in the summer to keep my skin hydrated and avoid any peeling if I get sunburnt. I love the packaging of this product, it’s so pretty compared to well-known brands. The first thing I noticed when I went to use this was the smell due to the coconut oil properties. It smells like Malibu cocktails and summer all rolled into one – it’s absolutely gorgeous! It is also totally paraben and silicone free too, so you know you aren’t putting anything harmful onto your skin. I haven’t been lucky enough to get much sun this year (thank you England!) but when I do, this is going to be one of my summer staples.

Origins – GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream – Full Size £20
This is quite a small sized sample and I’m not sure if there was enough to really notice any differences when trialling this cream. This gel like formula aims to instantly reduce dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. You simply dab this around the eye area in the morning. 

Emite Make Up – Lip & Cheek Tint – Full Size £12.50
I found this a bit daunting when I opened it as it’s a deep red colour and I pictured myself looking like a clown but then I saw Kim wearing it and it looked really nice and subtle. The trick is to only apply a few drops when wearing this on the cheeks and then blending it out. It gives a lovely pink glow and once I got the hang of not putting too much on I really liked the result. This is such a large product as well it is going to last ages.

Aussie Hair Care – Deep Conditioner – Full Size £1.09
This sachet was a bonus product this month. I do love a deep conditioner as they always make my hair feel really soft and I like to save these for special occasions. I haven’t used this yet as I am saving it for when my hair starts to feel dry again but this was a welcomed addition to this month’s box.

They also provided a sneak peek for July, we will be receiving a night tanner, I am excited to try this out! What did you get in your Glossybox this month? If you’d like to sign up for Glossybox, click here.


Wednesday 15 June 2016

Pawsomebox Review*

A few weeks ago now I received a box in the post and I was intrigued to see what was inside. I vaguely remember accepting an opportunity to review a Pawsomebox and I assumed this was it despite there being nothing on the box to state the brand name. I was a bit confused but continued to look through the box and this turned to excitement.

Pawsomebox is a subscription box specifically designed for your furry dog friends. I received the May box which contained the following items. Each box contains 5-6 products specifically chosen for your dog.

The first item was this squeaky pillow toy. I love the design and nautical colours and the stitching of the toy is good quality. This toy is ideal for smaller dogs and my dogs aren’t aggressive with their toys so I know they won’t tear it apart. It’s a great toy to have indoors too because it’s soft you can throw it about without worrying about breaking anything like you would with a tennis ball or firm toy.

Here is my dog Ruby having a rest after playing with her squeeky bone plush!

I was fascinated by this next item, popcorn for dogs! It smells exactly like popcorn but looks a little different. It looks like polystyrene foam shapes that you get in packaging. I was even tempted to try one of these myself but I resisted as I wasn’t keen on the fact these are liver flavour. The popcorn only has 1% fat which is great for those dogs on a diet!

These wipes from Biogance are just what I needed for my smelly dogs! These are great for when your pet is a little bit dirty buy you don’t want to have to go through the hassle of giving them a full bath. These wipes are alcohol free, hypoallergenic and contain 99% natural ingredients. Simply wipe these soft wipes all over your dog’s coat. These are even suitable for sensitive areas around the eyes and ears. Biogance recommend using a new wipe every time you move onto another area of your dog to avoid spreading any bacteria. I used these on Buster just to freshen him up after he had been digging in the garden and was impressed with how much they cleaned. The only downside is that these wipes are so small if you had a larger dog you’d probably end up using the whole packet.

This Burly Baton toy is made from a strong rubber and has rope threaded through the middle. The rope was soon pulled out when this was being tested! The rubber part of the baton is strong and designed to protect your pup from bits coming off and being swallowed so it’s pretty safe.

All dogs love a treat and these Good Boy Chicken Bites are the prefect bitesize snack. These are made with over 50% natural chicken breast meat and can be used as a reward. These come in a re-sealable bag perfect for keeping them fresh. My dogs loved these and they felt nice and juicy compared to other treats that can feel a bit dry.

This Keep Calm and Have a Walk lead is the perfect stylish accessory for my dog. It’s bright red in colour with clear white writing. The lead is sturdy, good quality and has a strong clasp so you won’t get any runaways!

Ruby loved having her popcorn as a reward. Try to limit the dosage between 5 and 20 bites per day depending on the size of your dog. Ruby only had 3 pieces.

Buster eagerly awaited his piece of popcorn after successfully sitting down on command. The popcorn is allergy free and suitable for diabetic dogs. It’s a great source of protein!

Pawsomebox prices start from £16 and would make a great treat for your dog, or a gift for a dog lover. What do you think?

*I received this box free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I was not influenced in any way.

Sunday 12 June 2016

All Around the World With Pandora - The Jewel Hut*

We all deserve a holiday or a little getaway but sometimes our budgets won’t allow for this. When The Jewel Hut  offered me the opportunity to review a unique silver ‘around the world’ charm, I knew I wanted to share this with you as an alternative treat that doesn’t cost the earth – excuse the pun!

The Jewel Hut is an online jewellery store offering some of the best branded jewellery at competitive prices. Not only can you buy Pandora you can also purchase Links of London, Thomas Sabo, Swarovski and many more well-known brands. There’s something for everyone and I am sure you will be able to find the perfect piece of jewellery to really express your style.

I received the beautiful Pandora ‘around the world’ charm which costs only £35 at The Jewel Hut. This charm is perfect for remembering that perfect trip or get-away and great for those who love to travel. This silver charm features an 'Around the World' design set with Cubic Zirconia hearts. I think it is the perfect addition to any charm bracelet and when I see this charm it reminds me of my favourite holidays. I smile every time I see this!

My charm came boxed up in official Pandora packaging and even included a gift bag which is great if you are buying this for someone else. My parcel arrived very quickly from The Jewel Hut and I cannot fault the service in any way.

What do you think of this lovely charm? Will you be visiting The Jewel Hut to see their fantastic range of branded jewellery?

*I received this item from The Jewel Hut free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I was not influenced in any way.
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