Friday, 13 July 2018

Weekly Spending Diary

I saw this idea over on Hannah Gale’s blog and thought it would be a fun one to do, see where I seem to spend most of my money!

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Day One
Today started off fairly normal, I went to work so didn’t spend any money in the morning. On my lunch break I was on the lookout for a new outfit but man did I struggle. I went to so many high street shops and I couldn’t find anything. It’s typical really as soon as you have the money and want to buy an outfit, there isn’t anything! In the end I went to Primark and I got a white top and a pair of heels. I spent £22. In the evening I met my friend Kelly for food/drinks and we went to Copper Beech. I had Cod & Chips and a Pepsi Max, it came to £14.95.
Total = £36.95

Day Two
Work again today and I don’t tend to spend any money whilst I am here as I do bring my own lunch. It all depends if I go wandering at lunch times! Well today I decided to nip out and I realised how bright it was outside so nipped to primark for a pair of £2 sunnies. I then had a BBQ this evening which work contributed towards so my first 3 drinks and food were all free. I bought a colleague a soda and lime for £1.60 and that was all I managed to spend for the night!
Total = £3.60

Day Three
Last day at work for the week and we were all feeling a bit tender today so a couple of us decided to head to Grosvenor Fish Bar for lunch. I had eaten a million chips last night so decided I needed to avoid those and instead went for cod and mushy peas which cost £4.50. I also needed petrol so I filled the car up and spent £32. We ended up popping into Morrisons to get a few bits as I was meeting my friend for a picnic I thought I’d grab some nibbles and drinks for us, I spent £7.23.
Total = £43.73

Day Four
My day started with Parkrun which is a free weekly timed event and a great way to exercise. I then got home and got ready to meet my friend for our picnic. We met in Wroxham and had a delicious lunch by the river. We then went for a walk around and I ended up popping to Roys and purchasing 2 ceramic cactus vases (that I didn’t really need but were cute) and a cactus coffee cup. I spent £12.02. We then had an ice-cream, I think it was £2.20 off the top of my head. I also then went to the food section of Roys and got some smarties and some skittles for James which totalled £1.60.
Total = £15.82

Day Five
Total = Today I was working so managed to have a spend-free day. It wasn’t until I got home that I spent some money. Knowing that James and I were going to Alton Towers, I purchased a photo digi-pass for us both which cost £30. Other than that I didn’t need to buy anything which was handy.
Total = £30

Day Six
As I said a moment ago today was a trip to Alton Towers. I had already bought the tickets a few months ago and my parking was free so I didn’t need to spend any money there. We had a great time walking around the park and getting on rides. Our photos were paid for so it was nice to collect these after getting off each ride. We decided to stop for lunch and the closest place was a pizza/pasta buffet. It was £13.50 each for all you can eat and drink, I feel like we definitely didn’t get our money’s worth though as we didn’t want to overeat and feel rough on the rides. I paid for both of us so it was £27.00. On the way home I needed to stop for petrol, so we filled up when we saw the nearest petrol station and I spent £28.97. We also decided to have a Mcdonalds on route home which came to £9.16. We got home quite late and the final thing I bought was my entrance fee for Tour De Broads for £18 which a few of us are doing as a team for charity.
Total = £83.13

Day Seven
The final day of recording my spending and I needed to pop out at lunch and get something for our World Cup Themed Buffet. My team at work have Belgium so I picked up some Belgian Chocolate Cookies for my contribution, they came to £1.58. The only other thing I bought was my weekly Tesco shop, which was £50.10, pretty average for me really.
Total = £51.68

Total spend for the week = £264.91.

It was really fun and interesting doing this post but it did really make me think about where I spend money and I think the majority of it has been on food! Maybe I need to put more effort into using my money towards making memories. It’s no wonder I always claim to have none. Not every week is like this, some are quieter than others and I haven’t included any of my standard direct debit payments that have happened to come out this week either as it was payday not long before this week. I might do this challenge again and try to have a cheaper week. Have you ever totalled up your weekly spend?


Thursday, 28 June 2018

30 Before 30

Following on from my post a few weeks ago about turning 28, it got me thinking about things that I want to achieve by the time I am 30. I wanted to think of some attainable goals that are realistic for me and that can be done in the next 2 years, not things like “travel the world” as I need a lot more time and money to add that to the list! Let me know what you think of these goals. Hopefully I will still be blogging in 2020 and can update you with how many of these I actually got ticked off!

Thank you to Kim for taking these photos.

1. Get married – should be pretty easy this one!
2. Go abroad with James, we have never had a holiday abroad with just the 2 of us.
3. Finish decorating the house – Only the bathroom, kitchen, porch, hallway and spare rooms to go!
4. Sort the garden out to a reasonable state.
5. Host a garden party/BBQ – Could even be an idea for my 30th!
6. Try a food challenge  - you know like the giant burgers or eat 1200 chicken nuggets? Yeah I wanna attempt one of those.
7. Run 100 parkruns. I have currently done 27 so only 73 to go in 100 weeks!
8. Run a marathon. At the start of the year I set myself the challenge of running a whole 5km without stopping and have already smashed that and ran 10km! So I would love to take part in a marathon before I am 30. I am doing a walking Marathon in a couple of months so to complete that will be fantastic.
9. Run a half marathon – one step at a time hey!
10. Get a tattoo. I have no idea what, it’s just been so long I feel I need another.
11. See more of the UK. We have some amazing places right on our doorstep, I would love to travel more locally.
12. Read 30 books. I really got into reading last year but have completely slacked off after being put off by an awful book. I want to pick this up again.
13. Host a dinner party.
14. Have Christmas at home.
15. Try something different from my local Chinese. (you know instead of chicken balls, chow mein, chips and sweet and sour sauce)
16. Learn to Salsa. I have been attending Salsa classes recently but have no rhythm and would love to one day find that natural flow.
17. Go glamping.
18. Finally get to my ideal target weight.
19. Win at Bingo (I’ll even take £5, I just want to win!)
20. Treat myself to one really expensive item of clothing or accessory.
21. Visit a cat café.
22. Get a new front door.
23. Own a houseplant that I don’t end up killing after a few months.
24. Get a new pet. Ideally I would like another cat, but will settle for a goldfish if needed to complete the goal.
25. Continue blogging and get back into a consistent schedule.
26. Have an actual skincare routine – any tips?
27. Cut my hair short again – currently I am growing it for the wedding but I want a really good chop after.
28. Learn to make pastry from scratch.
29. Have the living room feel more homely.
30. Write a list of 40 things to do before I am 40!

What's on your bucket list?

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