Monday, 27 February 2017

Book Review: Eat Smart by Niomi Smart

I love recipe books and when I saw that Youtuber/Blogger Niomi Smart was bringing out her own offering I had to get my hands on it. Albeit this was a few months ago now I have had the book long enough to really review it. I managed to pre-order a copy early on so actually managed to get a signed one which was pretty cool even if it was unintentional. First off, I love the cover. The foil spoon extends to the back of the book and the photo on the front is simple yet effective. 

The recipes inside are inspired by her every day healthy eating and she even incorporates flavours from her holidays. Whilst these recipes are plant based, this isn’t shoved in your face and shows you that vegan food can also be super flavoursome and varied. There are plenty of healthy dishes in here but there are also plenty of sweet treats and will offer you an alternative perspective on cooking up some of your much loved foods. The ingredients are readily available and although some more obscure and expensive superfoods are mentioned, Niomi outlines the fact that you don’t actually ‘need’ to use these products.

The recipes are split into breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides & snacks, desserts and drinks and range from delicious tarts to jammy dodgers, smoothie bowls and ice cream. There really is something for everyone in this book. The recipes are laid out clearly and the photos are stunning and clear. There is also a ‘what I eat in a week’ double page showing what Niomi eats on a non-work out weekday and workout weekend days so it’s good to see a real life example of how these recipes can be places into a daily meal plan.

Overall I am glad I purchased this book, I am really enjoying using it and feeling less guilty for eating healthy snacks over ones laden with sugar and fats.


Monday, 20 February 2017

My Little Mountains Box

I eagerly awaited this months My Little Box after hearing from Kim that it was a good one. When it arrived nearly a week after she got hers I ripped open the packaging to see what was inside after avoiding all spoilers. I was greeted with the most amazing design, all ski related. Having been skiing myself 5 years ago now this brought back some nostalgic memories. I really loved the design of the box, and the contents were pretty awesome too.

I love the little extra additions we received this month, especially the fabric bag that we get each month which also followed the ski theme. We also received the standard card print, this one with a nice quote "How you climb a mountain is more important than reaching the top" - Yvon Chouinard. I will be displaying this in my office with some of the other prints I have received. We also received a little booklet titled 'Get Cosy' which contains some nice ski facts and soup recipes in the back.

Next up we received some Cold Feet glitter socks, perfect for keeping warm in the colder months. I love how sparkly these are, they certainly add some glam. The packaging is branded with "Chasse-Neige" which translates to snow plow! Fun fact there!

Next up is another couple of random pieces. Firstly a little post it note pad covered with the ski theme design and representing the shape of a mountain. I will be taking these to work with me to get the best use from them. There was also a chunky ski snood knitting pattern with some discount codes to purchase the materials with. I have no chance of ever knitting this snood as I have no idea what to do but it was a nice touch to include the instructions for those keen to give it a go.

I then opened this adorable little pot and I was unsure what was inside. The pot contained an alpine chic fabric brooch, perfect for wearing on the slopes or jazzing up any bag or outfit. The brooch says 'Coeur de Glace' which translates to 'heart of ice', totally suits me. I am going to add this to an outfit of mine and try and find a use for the little pot because I love it.

A familiar brand popped out to me when I saw the Benefit Porefessional Primer. I have used this many times before and it is a product that I like so it is nice to have a mini version. This 7.5ml sample is apparently worth £10. I will be taking this on holiday as it's a great travel sized piece, perfect for hiding unsightly pores and keeping that foundation in place.

I also received this Icy Magic Instant Eye Contour Energiser from the brand Polaar, worth £19.90 for this roll on. This roll on aims to help smooth things out, drain puffy eyes, erase dark circles and even promote eyelash growth. I have been using this product for a few days and really like it but we shall see if there are any real differences after a few more weeks use.

Finally, I received the My Little Beauty item French Kiss Lip Balm. I love that this comes in a spherical shaped package, simply pop the lid off and roll the product on. It is easy to use and has a nice scent to it. It also leaves my lips feeling smooth and hydrated.

Overall I am really impressed with this box, I keep getting some great items month on month and eagerly await the next box!

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