Wednesday 22 March 2017

Mother's Day Pandora - The Jewel Hut*

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and what better way to show you care by purchasing a lovely Pandora charm for your mother. The Jewel Hut is an online jewellery store offering some of the best branded jewellery at competitive prices. Not only can you buy Pandora you can also purchase Links of London, Thomas Sabo, Swarovski and many more well known brands.

I received the adorable Pandora Silver Charming Owls Charm which costs £30 at The Jewel Hut and comes complete with official Pandora packaging. It would be perfect for Mother's Day as the parent owl has a baby owl next to it.

This charm forms part of the PANDORA Enchanting Fairytales range, ideal for an animal or family themed PANDORA collection. I think it will the perfect addition to my mums Pandora bracelet this Mother's Day. There are so many charms to choose from on The Jewel Hut website if you would like to find some other pieces to compliment this one.

Instead of flowers and chocolates this mother’s day, give your mum something she can cherish forever. Visit The Jewel Hut for more inspiration.

*I received this charm free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I was not influenced in any way.

Tuesday 21 March 2017

Holland and Barrett Dr. Organic Haul*

I was recently sent some more Holland and Barrett goodies from the Dr Organic range and after trying them out for a few weeks now, I thought I would share with you my recommendations. Dr Organic is a brand I have used before and I have tried many small sachet samples however I have never previously received full sized products. 

Dr Organic Raw Virgin Virgin Coconut Oil
The first item I saw was this coconut oil and being a massive fan I was so chuffed with such a large jar! Coconut oil is so versatile in that it can be used for cooking, baking, in smoothies and on your skin and hair. This Dr Organic one is unrefined and cholesterol free. There is nothing artificial here and it’s suitable for vegans too. As I was having my nails done for my holiday, I used the coconut oil just to soften and strengthen them ready for the acrylics and this oil really did a good job of that.

This Manuka honey cream can be used day and night, whenever you feel you need a top up. This cream is safe to use on sun exposed skin, sensitive or irritated skin. For that reason, it's great in the summer and the winter. This cream really did leave my skin feeling soft and absorbes fast so you aren't left with that tacky feeling. This is something I would definitely use again and for the price it's a pretty decent sized pot. A little can go a long way.

Dr Organic Virgin Olive Oil Face Mask - 125ml - RRP £6.49
I probably don't used face masks as often as I should so when I got this one, I wanted to make it a part of my daily routine. This mask is very hydrating and leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft. This is a clay based formula and aims to draw out oil from your pores. It leaves your skin feeling toned. The texture is nice and the mask rinses off easily which is something I always look out for in a face mask. I'd reccomend this to anyone that wants to control oily skin.

This body oil is amazing. This treatment is based on organic virgin coconut oil, and smells just like it. The texture is like coconut oil too and is soild at room temperature. To use this product, I submerge the bottle into warm water until some of it has liquefied and then pour onto the skin. This is best used after a shower or a bath and makes my skin feel amazing. The oil soaks in beautifully and doesn’t leave any residue. It has a really lovely scent which is based on coconut oil with gardenia flowers, papaya seed oil, mango butter, cocoa butter, orange fruit extract, bergamot fruit oil, lemon peel oil and added vitamin E. The product comes in a glass bottle too which makes this feel even more luxurious and is good for dry areas such as the elbows and knees. A little goes a long way with this so I think it will really last and I will most likely repurchase.

This product is really easy to use and is described as an energising treatment mousse based on organic Hemp Oil. This product aims to increase hair density and stimulate healthy hair growth, With a mousse like texture, this product is best used on wet hair before styling. The product is light and made from natural and organic ingredients. My hair is already rather thick so I passed this onto the other half to use. The result is thicker hair that feels healthy and energised. 

*I received these items free of charge.

Wednesday 15 March 2017

My Little No Filter Box

I was really happy to see My Little Box come through the door this month and to my surprise, the items were packaged in a #NoFilter cosmetic bag instead. This will really come in handy for holidays to store make-up and toiletries in. It’s a plastic material too which is really easy to clean and came packed with some excellent goodies this month. I especially like that every month we receive a card print, these would be great for building up a gallery wall. This month’s quote was “You were born to be real, not to be perfect” which I think is a really nice phrase.

We received a perfume sample this month, Deep Euphoria by Calvin Klein. We received a mini roll on which is easy to apply and small enough to pop in your handbag. It has a lovely floral scent with light top notes of lilac. The lasting power is great too and doesn’t need topping up too much throughout the day. The full sized 30ml bottle costs £34 which I think is quite reasonable and something I would definitely consider purchasing.

I was really impressed to see a familiar brand in ‘Laura Mercier’ with the blemish-less foundation primer which retails at £30. This product claims to make pores disappear, evens out skin tone, brightens and offers coverage all at once. The texture is smooth and creamy and this applies to the skin really nicely. It did a good job of keeping my make-up all in one place so I can’t really ask for much more! I don’t think I would spend this much on a primer personally but I will enjoy using this item.

One of the My Little Beauty items was this lovely nude nail varnish. One coat is enough just to brighten your nails in a natural way or you can build this up if required. It is a nice pale colour, dries quickly and doesn’t chip right away so what more could you want?

I love the My Little Beauty Selfie Foundation Brush. This brush is the ideal size just to pop in your handbag or makeup bag. It works well with liquids, loose powders, compacts and cream brushes. It’s super soft on the skin and easy to grip and hold. A good all-rounder if you ask me.

It was interesting to see this Beauty Notebook this month. At the front of the book is some make-up tips, how to create a natural look and some other top tips. There are plenty of lined pages at the back for notes and the pages at the front can be torn out if you don’t want them in there. I am not yet sure what I will use this for but I am sure I will find a home for it.

The lifestyle item this month was a Smartphone Ring. I really like this! You can use it as a mini tripod to prop your phone up or use it to take selfies without fear of dropping your phone. I really like it and when I get a new phone I would love to get another one. I need to see if this is something you can buy?!

Overall another great box.. or should I say bag? What do you think?


Monday 13 March 2017

Basic Car Servicing Awareness & Tips: For a Smooth Ride*

My car is due its yearly service in a couple of weeks and I cannot stress the importance of having this done. Since owning newer cars I have made it a necessity to get a service completed to keep them in check during their first three years before the MOT is due.

A few years ago now I had an older car. I would take it to have an MOT once a year and that would be that until the year after. I never did anything in-between and one day I certainly learned my lesson. About 7 years ago now, I was driving along a country road when I came across a slight wet patch in the road. My car skidded and then hit something at the side of the road. I carried on driving further up and noticed my car did not feel right. When I got to the next junction, my car struggled to pull away so I pulled up in a safe area. My tyre had completely torn and was not roadworthy. I had to get the AA to come and change it for me, they told me that if I would have got my car serviced and had my tyres regularly changed then this would not have happened. The tyre had worn right down meaning it did not have as much grip on the road which caused me to skid. This experience was not a nice one for me and I did feel scared. I am so pleased that I now regularly service my car and check my tyre tread.

If you are a driver then you should be aware of basic car maintenance tips to keep your vehicle in check between visits to the garage. I am going to outline some basic tips which will be able to help you and ensure your safety on the road. When I did a recent driving course, they taught me the FLOWER method to check a vehicle as follows:

Fuel – Check that you have enough fuel to cover your journey or for really long journeys fill up your tank and make sure you re-fill it again well before it drops into the red in case you don’t come across a fuel station for a few miles. If it’s snowing and you run out of petrol it won’t be ideal being stuck in the cold!

Lights - Test all of your lights before setting off to ensure your bulbs are all working and that there are no cracks in the lenses. Also make sure they are clean and not obscured with dirt. Having a light out is not only dangerous, it can also get you a ticket or a VDRS slip (Vehicle Defect Rectification Scheme) from the police if they notice a defect on your vehicle. You will be required to get the defect fixed as soon as possible and to provide suitable evidence within 14 days that you have done so. If you fail to do so you will face the prospect of prosecution, points on your licence and a fine.

Oils - Make sure your oil levels are topped up above the minimum lines. Don’t forget to also check your coolant levels and anti-freeze for the upcoming cold months. This prevents the engine from overheating and failing. Checking the engine oil is relatively simple, even I can do it! You are often taught how to do this on your driving test. If your car does not have enough oil then the engine can be at serious risk of damage. You should check your oil levels once a fortnight and top up when needed. To check the oil levels make sure the engine is cool and that your car is not parked on a hill. Remove the oil dipstick and wipe clean with a cloth. Re-insert the dipstick fully, pull it out again and check that the level is between the two lines. Engine coolant helps to remove excess heat from your car’s engine. If coolant levels get low, your engine can overheat and cause serious damage. It is a good idea to check coolant levels before a long journey. Locate the engine coolant reservoir and check that the level is between the min and max marks. If it needs to be topped up, make sure the engine has completely cooled off.

Water - Top up your water in your car – this includes wiper fluid. Make sure your windscreen is clear from dirt/debris and that you can see out of it before setting off. If your screen has misted up, wait for it to completely de-mist before starting your journey.

Electrics – Battery problems can be the number one cause of breakdowns. Renew old batteries before they let you down. Make sure your electric radiator cooling fan starts running when the engine is hot.

Rubber - Before you set off you need to ensure your tyres are safer and roadworthy. The minimum legal tread depth for tyres is 1.6mm but it is recommended you maintain a depth of at least 3mm. Worn tyres affect your stopping distance and can cause you to lose control in wet weather which is likely this winter. They can also cause you to use more fuel. Stopping distances increase in the rain and snow so please take this into account. Also make sure your tyre pressure is correct and tyres are pumped up correctly. Your handbook will give you the recommended guide which may differ if you are carrying extra passengers. As the driver you are responsible for ensuring the vehicle you are driving is maintained in a roadworthy condition. Ensure your windscreen wiper blades are working and they are not split or worn. Ossett Tyre House offers car servicing in Dewsbury so if you want to get your vehicle in tip top shape then be sure to check them out.

I hope these tips will help you on your next journey and help you to continue having a smooth ride.

*Sponsored post.


Thursday 9 March 2017

Mother's Day Gift Idea - Feat. David Nieper Pyjamas*

Mother's Day is right around the corner if you're from the UK (Sunday 26th March in fact!) and if you're struggling for gift ideas then that makes two of us! My mum is lucky enough to have her birthday 3 days before which means I have to come up with two gift ideas!

When I heard about David Nieper Pyjamas, I thought it would be a lovely gift to show appreciation to my mum this year. Pyjamas are something your mother can wear and use every day, feel comfortable in and also look affordably stylish. With a more mature feel to them I think they are definitely suited for your mother.

I really like the look of the soft cotton range, including the Soft Lace Trimmed Nightie at £79, and the Softest Cotton Pyjamas at £89. I think the design is subtle yet pretty and something mum is bound to love. Both of these will definitely help to keep your mum cosy this Spring. Sizes start from XS and range to 3XL.

Almost all of the garments are made in Derbyshire and if you live local to the area you can pop into the company shop to see the latest collections, browse designer samples and get a really personal service when choosing the perfect outfit.

Why not go for some Soft Cotton Pyjamas, soft with a natural stretch these are ideal for that perfect sleep experience and are priced at just £99. Delivery is just £4.95 in the UK and these gorgeous garments can also be delivered worldwide.

So if you're stuck for ideas on that perfect gift, I would recommend having a look at the lovely selection of garments available on David Nieper.

If you like what you see, check out the whole range of David Nieper Pyjamas and treat your mother to a practical and comfortable gift this mothers day.

*Sponsored Post - Photo credit to the David Nieper Pyjamas website.

Monday 6 March 2017

What's in my Flight Travel bag?

I don’t go on holiday for a little while yet but I still like to make sure my travel bag is packed and ready to go. When I talk about my travel bag I am referring to the bag that I take with me on the aeroplane. When I go long haul I pack more than I would on a short flight as I like to make sure I have everything with me. My bag is the MAHI Leather Galley Bag in Navy Blue which is a great size for all of my flight needs. I have even had my initials sewn onto it which makes it so unique and personal to me. I really am in love with this bag and you can read more about the brand MAHI here.

The first thing I have in my bag is my camera and my lenses. I do not want to put them in my suitcase in case they are broken so along they come with me on the aeroplane. I will also have my phone with me, my charger and a travel plug so I do not have to root around for it when we get to our hotel. I also carry my Beats headphones for the plane as I prefer to use these rather than the ones that they give you.

Of course I have my passport with me at all times, but I also have with me my flight details, accommodation details, itinerary, insurance documents, directions, maps and a notepad and pens. I will be blogging about each day so I want to make plenty of notes along the way. My purse also comes along with another form of ID and some small notes for tipping at the other end. I also borrowed a couple of guide books from a colleague at work so I popped those in for some in flight reading/planning. Speaking of reading material, you will usually find a magazine or book thrown in there too, for when I get bored waiting around!

Clothing & Cosmetics
I always take a nice comfy pair of socks on the plane with me as sometimes it can get cold. I will also throw a scarf in there too as I have no idea what the temperature will be like when I arrive at my destination. I have been known to bring an eye mask too if I want to sleep but more often than not these are supplied on longer flights and I am usually too excited anyway.

I am not one for taking much in the means of makeup on the plane, mainly because I am too lazy to decant it all into small pots and place it in a see-through bag but you will usually find Travel sickness tablets and tissues in my bag – essentials! I also bring along some Vaseline for chapped lips and some anti-bacterial gel because you never know what germs you are going to encounter on an aeroplane and at the airport.

What are your travel and flight essentials?

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