Sunday 13 March 2016

Lunch and Free Cake at John Lewis - Norwich

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend James and I popped for lunch at John Lewis... Twice! I have some free hot drink and cake vouchers so each time we shared a cake and then bought something savoury to go with it.

The first time we went, I had a tuna mayo and sweetcorn sub, it was delicious and really packed with filling.

We shared a slice of chocolate cake, which was very rich but really tasty. 

James had a prawn mayo sub which he said was really nice and filling.

The second time we visited we had two cake vouchers to use! So that meant one each. I went for the Carrot Cake and James had a cheese scone. I have another 2 vouchers to use for free cake so I can't wait to try something different next time.

What flavour cake would you go for?


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