Monday 4 April 2016

Top 6 MAC Grey/Smoky Eyeshadows

After recently posting my Top 6 MAC Neutral Eyeshadows  I thought I would share with you my top grey  shades which are perfect for achieving that subtle smokey eye but can also look very natural if you don't want to go overboard. Keep reading to see what I've put in my top 6!

I’ve been collecting MAC eyeshadows for a while now and I love pan refills. Not only are they cheaper but they’re a lot easier to transport around in a palette. Grey colours are so easy to use in a smoky eye and also go well with so many different colours. There are so many different makeup looks to create with grey and darker shades.

Annoyingly I have no idea what shade the first grey colour I own is. The name has rubbed off the bottom! If anyone has any ideas what this could be, please let me know! This mystery grey is the lightest grey in my palette and perfect to use as a base colour all over the lid. I will then blend this up into the crease and add one of the darker shades as a transitioning colour. The next colour is copperplate which is a slightly deeper shade than the mystery one. This is the perfect crease shade and blends like a dream. I’d describe the colour as a light-medium grey with a hint of brown, similar to a mushroom.  This matte colour also looks lovely under the eyes. The third colour in the below photo is Print and this has more of a satin finish. This colour is much darker and also works well in the crease and is perfect for a night out where you want to have a more dramatic smoky eye look. Print smudges out so easily and is so blendable. It has a hint of sparkle but essentially is mainly a matte shade.

Onto the three deeper smoky shades if you’re looking for a grey that is subtle but buildable then you need Smut in your palette. Smut is a cool-toned shade which does appear to be a browny-grey and I love the name of it! The next shade I have is Typographic which is a dark grey and applies so smooth. I use this on my outer corner and it blends so well. I tend to use this alongside Carbon when I want a super dramatic smoky eye look. Carbon is the final eyeshadow in this series and it’s the perfect matte black shade. It’s such a handy addition to my palette and it can be used to deepen other shades and it’s so easy to control. It’s easily blended if you apply too much and not heavily pigmented so you look like a panda. I think everyone needs a basic matte black eyeshadow in their makeup collection.

Do you have any other eyeshadow suggestions for me to add to my palette? Would you like to see more makeup collection posts? Let me know in the comments.


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