Sunday 8 May 2016

Spring Memories With my Fujifilm Instax Mini*

Earlier this year you may recall a blog post I wrote on my Winter Memories. Now that spring is in full swing, I love sprucing up the home to reflect the weather. Daffodils are a great spring addition to the home and I love how they look. I also love having new plants around the house and I recently bought myself a range of cacti. These are really easy to look after and don’t require much watering. Now that the weather is starting to improve, the cacti love sitting on a nice sunny windowsill.

I received the Instax Mini Polaroid Camera a little while ago now and was set a little project from Ocean Loans to showcase some lovely scenery using my camera and bring my home to the fore this Spring. I still love how compact this camera is and how easy it is to pop in your handbag. Photos are even more special when taken with my Instax Mini because you only get one shot and you have to make it extra special.

With Spring we have Easter and we can’t forget about our pets at this time of the year either. I took this photo of Mr. Bunny through a glass window and I love that you can see the reflection of my dog in the photo where she jumped in half way through the shot. It looks quite spooky! I can’t wait to carry on taking photos with my Instax Mini all the way through the year creating happy memories as I go.

What memories do you have of the Spring?

*Ocean Loans kindly provided me with some polaroid prints in order to complete this blog post.


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