Tuesday 3 May 2016

Cote Brasserie Norwich Review

When me and James visited York last year we wanted to visit restaurants that we didn’t have in Norwich to make it a unique experience. One of the restaurants we went to was Côte Brasserie and it wasn’t until we looked it up online afterwards that we realised we do actually have one in Norwich too! We had a really nice meal there despite our table being delayed and decided we would treat ourselves to a meal at the Norwich branch seeing as it is so convenient to visit. If you’re visiting Norwich or coming from afar then it is worth noting that Côte Norwich is on Exchange Street. We parked at St Andrews Car Park which was just a couple of minutes’ walk away at the most and only costs £1.80 after 6:30pm right through until the early hours.

I booked our table at this beautifully decorated French restaurant online which was really convenient and it meant I could easily change our booking to a later time when James found out he had work. We arrived about 10 minutes before our allocated time and were seated. The atmosphere was quite noisy, I don’t know if that was because it was a Saturday but I felt as though other tables were shouting at each other instead of talking and generally being loud. There were a lot of groups so this could have been why.

It was quite difficult to find a starter that James would like as a lot of them seem to contain some form of garlic which he hates! We don’t like to appear fussy and I am sure there was the option of having it taken off but we wanted to simply pick something without having to make amendments. Last time I visited Côte I had the French Onion Soup which was delicious. I wanted to try something new this time and went for the Chicken Liver Parfait which was pate with toasted brioche and apple chutney. It was delicious, and just the right amount. James settled on Calamari in the end which was sautéed in garlic and he ate it! I was so impressed. He said that it didn’t taste very garlicky and he enjoyed it.

For our main course we wanted to try something different to what we had last time. I went for the Cassoulet De Toulouse which is duck, Toulouse sausage and smoked pork belly stew with tarbais beans and toasted garlic and parsley croutons. This is something I would never have at home so tasted very luxurious and like a lovely indulgent treat. It was cooked to perfection and served nice and hot. It was very filling and something I would love to try and recreate at home. James had the Fish Parmentier which is essentially Fish Pie and he was impressed with it. The portion sizes were just right.

I couldn’t leave without having dessert and I went for the same dessert that I had when I visited the York branch and that was the Praline Crepe. It tastes like heaven on a plate. Essentially it is just a crepe but the praline filling tastes exactly like melted seashell chocolate and served with the crème Chantilly and caramelised bananas this indulgent treat is everything I crave on a plate. The plus side is because it has banana in it, it’s basically healthy –right? James had Chocolate Fondant with Vanilla ice cream which melted in the middle. I think if I were to return I would go for that for a change!

Overall our meal came to about £60 and that included a couple of drinks. A 12.5% service charge is automatically added to your bill, however this is optional and you can ask to have it taken off if you don’t think that’s fair. We had a great service so we left the bill as it was. I will definitely return to Cote when I want a nice treat. Have you ever been?


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