Monday 16 May 2016

DIWAH - Customised Jewellery*

I love jewellery and I love finding unique pieces that I haven’t seen any of my friends wearing but in this day and age it’s quite difficult. With the huge presence of social media these days, if a necklace becomes popular everyone will be wearing it. When I heard about the brand DIWAH. I was intrigued. DIWAH provide a design your own jewellery service with hundreds of options available to customise your own exclusive piece of jewellery. Prices start from £40 and there are plenty of different themes and designs available.

Upon going onto the website you can view some of the pre-made design templates and from there you can alter them to suit you or completely start from scratch and create your own piece. I clicked on the start designing button because I wanted something 100% unique to me. There are plenty of options to choose from whether it be a crescent necklace, a necklace with a pendant or the one I chose which was a collar design.

Once you have chosen the template you can then choose your components. There are some preset themes available such as ‘Candy’ which has beautiful pastel coloured beads. I loved the ‘Sea Breeze’ theme which had beautiful ocean colours and I very nearly went for this style but then I saw the ‘Rebel’ theme and I instantly knew that I would be able to fit this to my tastes. You can click on all of the themes and see what beads are in each one and choose your favourite. Once you’ve chosen your components you are ready to start designing your piece.

There are so many parts you can customise from the clasp to the beads and you can even add chain links on certain bits. I’m not one for over the top flashy jewellery so I chose 4 different beads and used the same sequence all away around the necklace which was really easy to do using one of the autofill options in the ‘row’ section of the design page. I absolutely adored the little skull beads and had to have them. I also really liked the silver coloured roses and thought they paired nicely with black beads and pearly beads in-between. When I had finished my necklace I then saved the design and paid for it. I then went to look at it again and realised you could move the beads around to face the right way and some of my skulls were upside down! By then I thought it was too late but DIWAH emailed me and asked if I wanted to make my necklace symmetrical but it was fine if I wanted to leave it. I was over the moon I could change it and I thought that customer service was absolutely excellent and shows that care and attention goes into making each piece.

When my necklace was finished, I was sent some photos of my necklace being made which was great to see. DIWAH kindly sent me the below photos and told me they would be shipping it out soon. It was so nice to see the finished piece but I couldn’t wait to get it in real life. 

My necklace came to £74 in total and for that you get a great unique piece and excellent customer care. It arrived in really good time and was packaged beautifully in a bright pink box with tissue paper and bubble wrap. There was also a personalised card inside the box with a lovely message about how much they loved my design. I am so pleased with the final product – it feels like a really good quality piece and the beads are sturdy.

DIWAH have very kindly given me a discount code to share with you all if you want to make your own piece. Use code CHRISTIESLIFE30 for 30% off your order. I also think it would be a lovely gift idea. You could even make you and your best friend matching necklaces and you’d be the only people to own that design which would make it even more special.

*I was provided with a voucher in order to purchase this necklace in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I was not influenced in any way.

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