Thursday 19 May 2016

Explore the Taste of the Americas - Encona Sauces*

It’s coming up to BBQ season and I can’t think of anything better than eating delicious BBQ foods, especially delicious marinated meats. When I was offered the chance to try a couple of sauces from the Encona range, I knew they would be a summer staple in my food cupboard if they tasted good. The sauces did not disappoint and I can safely say they will be sticking around and making an appearance this summer!

The first sauce I received was the Encona Mexican Smokey Jalapeno Sauce. This is made up of a delicious blend of chillies and spices to give a rich sauce with a smokey flavour. Perfect for adding to Mexican themed meals! This sauce is gluten free and of medium heat. I think it would be perfect for marinating chicken, adding to fahitas or tacos. We served this with some nachos and it gave them the perfect kick teamed with the crunch of the tortilla chips. This would also really compliment fish dishes to give them that extra bit of flavour.

Encona sell a range of authentic, versatile, hot and spicy sauces from around the world. With over 20 different sauces and marinades there is something for everyone with flavours from across the world. With heat levels ranging from mild to extra hot there is something for all tastes. You can use the sauces for dipping, marinades, stir fries and salad dressings. They are incredibly versatile and there are so many different flavour combinations you can come up with.

The next sauce I tried was the Encona Brazilian BBQ Sauce which is also a great marinade for all fish, meats and vegetables. I can imagine brushing this onto chicken and vegetable skewers before barbecuing for a perfect spicy meal. I added a teaspoon of this delicious sweet and spicy sauce to my Boston Baked Bean and Bacon Soup and it gave it the perfect kick and really livened up my lunchtime. This particular flavour is even suitable for vegans.

Next time you’re in your local supermarket why not check out the range of Encona sauces available and cook yourself a feast. Head over to the Encona website for hundreds of recipe ideas for your sauces!

*I received these sauces free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I was not influenced in any way.

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