Monday 13 February 2017

Animalbox Purrfectbox Review*

I love receiving gifts and gift boxes for my pets so when the Purrfectbox arrived on my doorstep packed with goodies for Biscuit, I couldn’t wait to open it and share some fabulous new goodies with him. If you haven’t heard of Purrfectbox or Pawsomebox and you’re a pet lover then you really are missing out. These boxes are monthly arrangements of 5-6 specially selected goodies for your furry friends. From only £14.90 depending on the length of subscription, the boxes are delivered straight to your door and can contain products worth over £40.

To get started with either a Pawsomebox for your dog or a Purrfectbox for your cat it couldn’t be simpler. Head over to their website and choose the appropriate offer from 1 month – 1 year. Log in to either your Pawsomebox or Purrfectbox account and fill in your pets details. This enables them to choose appropriate gifts depending on your pet. For every 2 boxes that they deliver, £1 is given to a local animal organisation which I think is a really nice gesture.

This month’s box contained some lovely items which I will definitely get some use of. Firstly this lovely paw print soft blanket that you can see in the background of the photos. This is just the right size for Biscuit and it fits in his bed. I have currently laid it at the bottom of my bed where he sleeps so hopefully he will start to use it. We then received these Gim Cat Shiny Cat Filet pouches. One is chicken and papaya flavoured, the other is tuna with crab. I usually just buy supermarket cat food so Biscuit loves it when he gets to try new flavours and brands. These went down a treat and were eaten within minutes, I guess that’s a thumbs up from him!

This toy from Tyrol is an interesting one and if I am honesty I am not sure what animal it is supposed to represent, I am going to say a hippo. This soft toy is filled with catnip and was well received. When I put all of biscuits toys in a pile he went for this one, probably because the catnip smell was still quite fragrant compared to his other toys.

I thought these chicken cubes looked really interesting when I opened the box. This cat snack is made from real chicken meat and is low in fat. The cubes are quite firm and Biscuit did have a bit of trouble eating them as he hasn’t quite got all of his teeth so I have only been giving him one of these at a time to save his jaw! He seems to really like them though and soon comes running over when he hears the bag rustling. It is also worth mentioning that each box comes with a magazine and this month’s edition was filled with fun facts and information. There was even a recipe inside on how to make your own cat treats so I will be giving that a try so Biscuit can try some really natural flavours.

This mouse from the brand Trixie is filled with catnip and also has a little bell in the middle. The outside is sort of a rope material and is nice and scratchy to the touch which is something Biscuit loves to get his claws into. The mouse has a string for a tail so it’s fun to dangle this in front of the cat and watch them try and bat it with their paws. It’s a good quality toy and I can see this being a firm favourite in our household.

These Healthy Centres Roast Chicken Flavoured Bites are a good source of Omega 3. The cream filled bites are wheat and soya free. Each bag contains 29 servings and it tells you how much to give your cat on the back. Biscuit loved these little treats.

My favourite item in this box was this gorgeous Tabby Chic catnip mouse. The toy is supposed to be in a shabby chic design and I think it looks really modern and love the design. Biscuit liked it too which is always a bonus.

What do you think of this box? Will you be treating your fur babies?

*I received this box free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I was not influenced in any way.

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