Friday 16 December 2016

The Perfect Party Accessory Feat. Afterheels*

It’s party season and with the influx of Christmas events, meals, new year parties and dinner dates there is one thing that always takes its toll on me (not including my bank account!) and that is the pain my feet go through wearing heels. I like to dress up and put a nice pair of heels on but by the end of the night my feet are suffering and I’m forced to put up with the pain. Going out in flats for me is not an option, I just wished there was a compromise... then I heard about afterheels.

Afterheels are amazing and I can’t believe what they have packed into this small convenient tin which fits perfectly in my clutch bag. Inside the packaging is the ballerina shoes complete with insoles and a duffle bag, handy for popping your heels in when your feet have given up! A pack of Afterheels weighs 30% less than an iPhone which I can confirm and they barely add any weight to my bag.

It’s so simple, just open the tin, take out the pack and duffle bag, tear open the pack of ballet flats, swap them for your heels and pop your heels in the stylish satin duffle bag also provided – I received the easiest pack where the insoles are already in place.

The shoes come in three sizes as outlined below. The website advises “To ensure instant comfort all of our shoes self-adjust across two size fittings. So, if you're a UK size 3 or 4 you'll need a size small but if you're a UK size 4½ you'll need a pair of medium.”

UK Sizes UK
UK Sizes US
UK Sizes Europe

Afterheels have a signature fuchsia sole and the shoes come in either sparkly or super-soft in a few different patterns and colours. The ‘easiest’ shoes I received cost only £8.49 which is fantastic considering the soles were tested and can last over 120 miles before wearing through, that’s a lot of dancing! I recently wore these on my Christmas do and will be using them again for New Year’s Eve! I couldn’t believe how easy they were to slip on and how comfortable my feet were from then on. I received so many compliments from friends who thought they were an absolutely fantastic idea. When I got home I folded the shoes back up and they went in the tin with ease ready for next time!

UK Delivery starts from £1.99 and these ship worldwide. I also received some super comfy slipper socks for when I got home, they were a dream for my aching feet! Check out the Afterheels website to see the full range of products available. What do you think of this great idea?

*I received this item free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I was not influenced in any way.

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