Sunday 30 December 2012

Elemental Herbology Cleanser Review

I was recently sent a variety of samples from the brand Elemental Herbology and thought I'd share my findings.

I have been looking for the perfect cleanser ever since my Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser ran out, and I have been trying allsorts of products to get the same effect.

The first product I tried was a sample of the Purity and Sooth Facial Cleansing Balm. (RRP £28.00)

Now the thing I love about these products is that they are safe to use on your eyes, I can't stand it when cleansers need to be kept off the eye when I need to remove my eye makeup with them so that was an immediate bonus for me with both of these cleansers. When I tried this I wasn't too keen on the smell or the texture. It was kind of waxy like I was smearing some sort of hair wax on my face. My mind soon changed when I rinsed it off and all of my makeup had been removed and my face was left feeling so soft I had to keep touching it. My face was smooth all day, the only offputting thing with this product was the smell.

The second product I tried was the Elemental Herbology Cool and Clear cleanser (RRP £28.00 also)

This was my favourite out of the two cleansers and it had a much more pleasant smell to it of strong lavender. The texture of this product was more oily than the other cleanser and also managed to remove all of my makeup. As this product is also anti-bacterial its perfect for those days where my skin isn't looking its best or if I have a few blemishes.

Overall these 2 products that I tried were very good and comparable to other high end cleansers I have used in the past and definitely something I would consider purchasing in the future.


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