Sunday 23 December 2012

Benefit Eyebrow Review

So me and my friend Kelly went and got our eyebrows done at a benefit eyebrow counter recently and both came away unimpressed.

I had heard really good things about benefit brows, and have seen my friend Kim have hers done and they looked really good.

I was advised (and saw in person when my other friend got them done) that the consultant maps your eyebrows out, tells you where to grow them, where to avoid plucking and marks them out to perfectly match your face. None of this happened.

She also seemed to wipe off half of my eye make-up and eyeliner in the process and left me with smudged patchy makeup which I didn't think was very professional.

The lady also commented on our upper lip hair (which I didn’t even think was present) and then both made us feel very self conscious and my friend was then pressured to have that waxed too even though she didn’t need it.

After the whole process of tinting and waxing our eyebrows, we both agreed that they didn’t look any different. We also usually fill them in with HD Brow kit, but the lady didn’t fill ours in so I personally felt like they looked bare and patchy. I have seen other people get theirs filled in with the brow zings, but she didn’t even mention this to either of us.

At the end of both of our sessions, she also went to book in the next appointment, booked Kelly in but completely ignored me and sent us on our way.

At £18, I feel that it wasn’t really worth it. My eyebrows were already a good shape so I don’t think I fully ‘benefited’ from the experience. Now they are neat at least I can go home, fill them in and keep up with the upkeep myself at home. I don’t think I will be going back. They now seem to be thinner than before when I had spent ages trying to grow them thicker.

Before (top) and after (bottom)


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