Monday 19 June 2017

Pink Parcel ‘Monthly’ Subscription Box Review*

I love trying new subscription boxes so when I was offered the chance to try out Pink Parcel I couldn’t wait to see what it was all about. Having seen this box on various other blogs, I knew all about the concept but had never actually purchased this previously or had a proper look into what sort of items you receive. The box is laid out really nicely and everything has its own little compartment which I thought was a really nice touch and made opening it even more exciting!

Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box that co-insides with your periods so it arrives right on time! There are 3 delivery dates to choose from so pick the one that matches closest with your cycle. It is filled with beauty products, treats and sanitary items. It aims to help you get through it and trust me, the items I received were absolutely spot on and for once I was able to use every single item in the box. It costs just £6.99 for your first box and only £10.50 a box afterwards. The thing I really liked is that when signing up you can choose your preferred brand and type of sanitary wear depending on what suits you.

The first thing I spotted was the little treats. I know for a fact when I am on my period I crave sweet things so the addition of these items was perfect. I received some Rhythm 108 Lemon and Ginger Tea biscuits which were gluten and dairy free and a great source of fibre. These were absolutely delicious and in the little packed I received 2 biscuits – enough to satisfy my sweet craving without going overboard on calories. There was also a mini chocolate bar and a teabag. The teabag was flavoured with ginger which is ideal for settling the stomach during this time of the month.

The next products are ideal if you want a bit of a pamper session. The handy razor to make everything nice and smooth, the makeup brush to cover up any imperfections and the coffee scrub which is my personal favourite item. The scrub made my skin feel so soft, and the coconut was a lovely addition. I really want to try out other scrubs!

To continue with the pamper session, I also received this lovely nude nail varnish and some rosewater facial toner. Its important to take extra care of your skin when you’re on your period as you can be more prone to break-outs so the toner is a lovely product to make sure everything is clean and fresh. I used this before bed after cleansing and woke up with lovely smooth and clear skin.

I chose the brand Always as it is a firm favourite with me and my preferred option of sanitary towels. Tampons are also available if you prefer as are other brands. The sanitary items are split into three categories which I have shown you below. Firstly, the box labelled night. These towels are the more absorbent ones in the Pink Parcel and ideal for night times when you need that little bit extra to last you longer.

You then receive a little bag with towels in ‘for now’. I love the little black drawstring bag, it’s a discreet way of storing them in your handbag and comes with a couple of different sized towels that you can use depending on how heavy your flow is.

The final box, marked ‘for later’ is packed with even more sanitary towels, perfect for popping away in a drawer.

I absolutely love this box and think it is a fantastic idea and really takes the pressure off remembering to buy sanitary items. I know I have certainly forgot my period is due and then been caught short. This box was packed with really great items and I think it really did cheer me up during that time of the month where I am rather grumpy. Find Pink Parcel on Instagram and Facebook.

*I received this box free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I was not influenced in any way.

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