Monday 12 June 2017

Our Bedroom - Before and After

The bedroom is the room where the magic happens – and by that I mean transforming myself from an egg with eyebrows in the morning to a reasonably presented person. This room was fairly easy to work with. We had a full electric rewire when we moved in which did mess up the walls and floor but it wasn’t wallpapered so the walls just needed patching up where the electrician had been and the carpet once again needed taking up. It was hard to picture where to lay things out in this room because it didn’t have a double bed in it when we viewed the house but we made things fit in the end.

We painted all the ‘white’ areas to freshen them up and decided to go with a relaxing Dulux Sugared Lilac colour for the walls. We hadn’t considered wallpapering this room but on a random visit to B&Q, James spotted this lilac and white striped wallpaper which we thought would go really well and just break the colours up a bit. My dad and step-mum very kindly added this to the back wall for us then we placed our bed in the middle. Ideally we will eventually get a new bed in white to match the rest of the room but there are other priorities for the money at the moment!

To really finish the decorating off we had the ceiling skimmed and coving added, which is something we will slowly do room by room I hope. We had a professional decorator do this for us and it was done within a couple of days which saved us the stress and hassle. We also had the ceiling lights centred to the middle of the room so by having the ceiling skimmed this hid the unsightly hole where the previous light fitting hung.

We decided to go for carpet in this room which we chose and had installed by Whittaker Carpets. I was so happy to finally get carpet after constantly having to deal with cold chipboard! We wanted to break the purple up in the room with a dark cream/light brown colour. We chose a blind for this room in the colour ‘Hessian Biscuit’ from Dunelm which was just what we wanted then chose a similar colour carpet to tie it all in.

We bought our bedside tables from the MALM range at IKEA. They were only £29 each and do the job, it’s somewhere to put our phones on charge at the end of the day. My dressing table is also from IKEA and is the Alex/Liatorp one. I also have matching Alex drawers on the other side of the room filled with make-up and beauty items. I also bought the stool from Ikea and the mirror was a car boot find for £4! Finishing touches included these table lamps from Wilko, the duvet set from Primark (VelvetGh0st range) and our prints on the wall to tie all of the bedroom colours in. James bought us the lilac lamps from Wilko and they suit the room really well I think!

Our wardrobes were measured, fitted and installed by Norfolk Value Kitchens who can also provide bedroom furniture. By having them fitted we could get them the right size to fit the space available. The doors also come with a stable door on the bottom half, this means we can open the top half of the wardrobe and it doesn’t get in the way of the bedside tables. There were many doors to choose from and we thought these ones fit in well with the rest of the d├ęcor without being too plain.

Overall I am really happy with how this room turned out. From seeing it with the floor ripped out and holes all over the walls transformed into a cosy room has been a long old process but I am really happy with it. One room down, a lot more to go!


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