Friday 22 July 2016

Your Smoothie Your Way With Alpro*

I am a big lover of smoothies especially in the summer but I get bored quickly and often struggle to decide what to have in them. I was invited to get involved in a campaign from Alpro around around their new smoothie platform that’s launched online to help you create your perfect smoothie. I couldn’t wait to get on board and have fun with the recipe ideas. I’ve come up with 3 delicious smoothies (tried and tasted!) with the help of the Alpro Smoothie Platform which I have shared with you below so keep reading to find out more!

Using the Alpro Smoothie Platform is simple, simply click on the ‘create your smoothie’ button, choose your favourite Alpro product and click through the screens adding different ingredients as you go along. The website even suggests some great matches of things that go well. I had so much fun playing around with ingredients and came up with some delicious new smoothie recipes. Although the ingredients in these smoothies varies, the method remains the same. Simply put all of the ingredients into a blender, blitz and enjoy!

Passionate Coconut Smoothie
200ml Alpro Coconut Original
50g Fresh Peach
40g Fresh Passion Fruit
Dried Mango

This smoothie is fruity and delicious. The Alpro Coconut Original is a delicious blend of refreshing coconut with the light taste of rice and mixed with the peach, passion fruit and dried mango makes this smoothie an absolute tropical treat. I kept back some of my dried mango and a few passion fruit seeds and just added these to the top of the drink to provide the perfect garnish. This smoothie was my favourite of the three but it was a hard decision, they were all delicious!

Creamy Berry Smoothie
200ml Alpro Simply Plain
70g Raspberries
70g Strawberries

This smoothie was a lot creamier than the last using the Alpro Simply Plain and is the soya alternative to yoghurt. The Alpro Simply Plan has a mild taste and a smooth texture but us the perfect blank canvas for you to add other ingredients to. Combined with the strawberries, raspberries and raisins this created the perfect thick and creamy berry smoothie. If this is too thick for you, feel free to add a bit of water to thin the consistency a little.

Nutnana Power Smoothie
200ml Alpro Almond Unsweetened Drink
60g Banana
60g Spinach

This is the ultimate post workout smoothie and I drank this after the gym to give me an energy boost. The banana is a great source of potassium and spinach gives you a good iron hit. What I love most about this smoothie is that you can’t really taste the spinach but you know it’s in there doing some good. The Alpro Almond milk is something I drink often in coffee and this delicious nutty drink has a delicate roasted almond flavour. Not only does this drink go well with fruits, it pairs really nicely with chocolate. Why not change up the recipe by adding a spoonful of cocoa powder for a delicious chocolatey smoothie!

I really enjoyed making these Alpro based smoothies and will definitely be repurchasing the products in the future in order to make even more delicious recipes! These smoothies have gone down a storm in my house and I know I will be referring back to this post and the Alpro Smoothie Platform in the future.

Which is your favourite smoothie of the three recipes? If you’d like to create your own smoothie, head over to the Alpro Smoothie Platform and start mixing flavours! Send me your recipes, I’d love to try them!

*I received some Alpro goodies free of charge in exchange for creating some delicious recipes. All opinions are my own and I was not influenced in any way.

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