Friday 1 July 2016

Free Business Cards - Moo Review

A while ago now I got some business cards made up that I designed myself and then had printed via Moo. These had my old blogspot link on and I was embarrassed about giving them out so I decided I would invest in some more up to date ones with the upcoming blogger events I have coming up.

I decided to go back to Moo because I love that you can get mixed designs rather than 50 of the same thing. I designed a standard front which includes my blog link, Twitter, Instagram accounts and email address using PicMonkey. I then took some photos specifically to use on the back of the cards. I chose small fun quotes and picked some items that are relevant to my blog to go around them. These came to around £15 in the end including delivery, I managed to find a discount code on Google beforehand for 10% off which helped a bit and if you go via this link you will get 10% off too.

These came in a handy box, thanks Moo! I ordered Matte cards with a square edge but there is the option for a gloss finish. They arrived in the post after around a week which was perfect timing. They are of sturdy quality and I am really impressed with them.

Before I bought these cards, I ordered 10 free ones from Moo to get an idea of what the quality was like and was happy so I went on to purchase some more. To get 10 free business cards from Moo, head over to their website here. No purchase necessary.

If you would like to order some business cards for yourself, head over to Moo. There are plenty of templates and options available if you’re not the creative type and I am sure you will find something. What do you think?


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