Monday 17 August 2015

Slimming Solutions Teatox & Results*

I've always been curious about the effects of a teatox and after not having much luck with the first one I tried, I decided to try another and follow it 100% by the book.

I was sent the 14 day Slimming Solutions Teatox. The 28 day is available for £34.99. This does seem like a long time to be on a Teatox and I worried I wouldn't be able to keep it up that long but it was surprisingly easy to fit into my routine.

Day 1 of the Teatox began with me taking measurements and weighing myself.

I was sent a morning blend and an evening blend which I believe is the case for most teatoxes.

The morning blend tasted similar to green tea. It was pleasant to drink, I think if you like green tea then you'll be able to happily drink this. I found that this tea suppressed my appetite slightly. I usually have my breakfast at 8am, then a snack by 11am. When following this teatox, I had my morning tea around 8:45am and found I didn't need my morning snack and could go through until lunch.

The evening blend did not taste as nice and I struggled with it the first few times but eventually got used to drinking it. I found that adding a little sweetener helped to improve the taste. This is the tea that could cause laxative effects. I'll be honest, I did not have this reaction. I found that after just one night time tea, I already noticed a difference in that I hadn't woke up bloated.

For best results it was recommended that you follow a healthy clean eating plan throughout the duration of the teatox. I generally follow a healthy eating plan so I continued to eat as normal throughout the 2 weeks. I also made sure I kept my fluid intake up to avoid getting dehydrated.

At the end of week one I had lost 2lbs without changing any part of my diet and adding the teas to my routine. I was over the moon. Week 2 I had a few 'naughty days' where I attended a BBQ and went out for cake. I still managed to lose 1lb that week!

I must just add a little warning - if you are on the contraceptive pill then taking a teatox can affect the accuracy of this. I always made sure I took my pill in the evening to allow it to sink in, the laxative effect can take 10 hours so by then your pill should be absorbed.

Overall, this teatox seemed to work a lot better than the last and I am happy with the results. I definitely noticed a change in the fact that I wasn't waking up bloated and the weight loss was an added benefit that I didn't expect. I would definitely recommend this teatox for a big event such as a holiday or a wedding because I certainly noticed the difference.

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*I was sent this Teatox for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I was not influenced in any way. Please see my disclaimer for more information.


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