Wednesday 12 August 2015

Norwich Blogger Event - #NRWSummer

A few days ago now I attended my first Blogger event/meet-up! I am so pleased that I went, I am usually very shy and things like this usually make me feel very nervous but after sharing some tweets with a few bloggers who were also going I plucked up the courage to attend alone.

The event was held at The Garden House in Norwich which is a lovely pub with a nice sized garden. The venue had been decorated beautifully with bunting and an area had been sectioned off especially for us bloggers (we did have some gatecrashers at one point though!).

The event started at 1pm. I was greeted by Courteney, 1/3rd of Norwich Bloggers and labeled up with a name badge and I started to feel a lot more at ease. The weather was gorgeous, it couldn't have been a nicer day. I got myself a drink and the Yoga session began. I didn't take part but it looked very relaxing!

As the day went on I got more and more comfortable and of course hungry! I'd been chatting with the lovely Wendy and we decided we had to have burger. I asked to have everything on mine and quite literally it was piled up with bacon, cheese, salad, onions and sauce. It was massive! It also came served with coleslaw and potato salad, I must say I was stuffed.

After lunch I watched an amazing hair tutorial by Lucy. I didn't get many photos during this session but some of the styles she created were lovely and so simple.

I also met this cheeky chap. I think he/she was very stylish if not a little strange. So cute. I unfortunately missed the Social Media talk because I was getting food, and only caught part of the Photography session but both seemed really informative from the snippets that I heard.

My day ended with cake (which had melted a bit by the time I got home, but tasted lovely) and loads of amazing goodies. I will be doing plenty more blog posts on these to show you what I got.

Thank you for a lovely day ladies, it was nice to meet you all, to name a few Wendy, Louise, Alys, Emily, Kelly, Charley, Amii, Abigail, and the ladies from Just Essentials.

A special thank you to the Norwich Bloggers who organised the event Courteney, Hannah and Justine. I hope to meet you all again soon.


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