Monday 29 June 2015

What's in my gym bag? Feat. HEY! HOLLA*

I've recently been getting back into my gym routine and I know how important it is to bring the right things to the gym so you're not carrying unnecessary weight. Who wants to carry a massive heavy bag full of stuff after an arm workout? Not me that's for sure!

Most days I go to the gym before work which requires me to bring a change of clothes, make-up, my lunch, a hairdryer and everything I need for my working day. In this situation I usually carry a few bags to spread it out but I'm going to show you what I bring on an average day where I don't have to rush off to work afterwards.

I put all of my things into my Hey! Holla canvas 'Off To The Gym' tote bag available for just £18. I absolutely adore the design of this bag and the slogan suits me down to a tee. The bag is sturdy and very good quality.

Hey! Holla Gym Bag

Hey! Holla Gym Bag

The most important things in my bag are my iPhone 6 plus, iPod and headphones and their respective arm band holders. I go to the gym alone so without headphones I simply cannot get through my workout! I've been loving the Zombie, Run! app for iPhone recently so I've been alternating music with that app to encourage me to change things up a bit.

Hey! Holla Gym Bag

Hey! Holla Gym Bag

I also take snacks. I often take a nak'd bar (sometimes a homemade one!) or a banana to keep me going for the journey home, I will then have something more substantial when I get back.

Hey! Holla Gym Bag

I always bring a gym towel with me. Mine has definitely seen better days, perhaps I should purchase a new one? This was purchased on eBay, I simply use it to wipe the machines down.

Gym Towel

Deodorant is a must, I don't have a favourite, anything will do.

The next thing I always have in my bag is a bottle of water.

Last but not least, a lock for the lockers! I bought this one when I first joined the gym nearly 3 years ago and it's still going strong.

I haven't included my gym outfit, but that's because I head to the gym already wearing this so it's one less thing to carry.

Hey! Holla also have a variety of other designs. I also really like the YO!GA gym bag, also £18. Hey! Holla also have a range of gym towels, hair ties and some homeware gifts so it's definitely worth checking them out.

What are your gym essentials?

*I received this Hey! Holla gym bag free of charge in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own and I was not influenced in any way. Please see my disclaimer for more information. 

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