Monday 1 June 2015

Monthly Weigh in and Food diary - May

I'm really not having a very good run with my weight loss recently. Everything has taken a bit of a back burner and I've had such a hectic schedule this month. Not only have I worked every weekend, I have volunteered nearly 100 hours on top of my usual working week so I've not really had the time to prepare foods. I'm going to keep tracking everything though, please bare with me!

Week 17 - +1.5lbs

I have no one to blame but myself for this gain. My meals are pretty much spot on with a healthy mix of protein, vegetables and carbs its just the snacking in between which lets me down.

 Week 18 -1lb

I had a similar week this week to last but somehow lost weight. I think I'm sort of hovering around the same mark. I'm a bit of a yo-yoer! I made creme egg cookies this week, they were delicious. I better make some more if they've caused me to lose weight!

Week 19 +0.5lbs

Well this was a really bad week! A lot of my meals were provided and there was a cake sale at work. Cakes for charity are calorie free aren't they?! I've been home alone for 2 weeks so my meals have been less healthy and more convenient to say the least.

Week 20 - +1.5lbs

The last week in what has been a pretty bad month. I would love to say 'next month will be better' and I really hope it will be, but I have a lot on my plate with my birthday coming up and a trip to Centreparcs. I can only try!

Total weight loss this month: +2.5lbs

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