Friday, 8 June 2018

Birthday Haul 2018

Another year has passed and I am another year older. I had an amazing birthday and cannot believe it's all over and I am another year close to the big 3-0! I received some lovely presents and cards and thank everyone who bought me something or wished me a Happy Birthday. These posts shouldn't need a disclaimer but you know the drill. I am not bragging, I have not named who has got me each thing and I have not featured every item. I hope this post gives you some good ideas for gifts for your friends and family. Lets get to it!

First I thought I would share some of the running gifts I received. I have started getting into running this year and it is starting to become a hobby that I enjoy and I never thought I would enjoy exercise! I received so many handy presents such as running socks, a towel, belt, magnets to hold race numbers and lots more goodies. I also received a 6 month subscription to a running magazine which I have really been enjoying and getting lots of tips from. I also got a couple of pairs of trainers which aren't for running but fit well in this photo. Using my birthday money I treated myself to some proper running shoes and got my gait analysed so I can't wait to break them in.

I got quite a few bits for the house including a new clock for the living room which I had been eyeing up. I just need to get James to hang it on the wall! I also received some mixing bowls which I was so pleased with as I had been making cakes in a heart shaped bowl which was just impossible to stir, so these round ones are going to change my life. I also received some candles, my fave! I also love the drinking glasses I got and cat themed mug!

Clearly my friends and family know me well as they got me some edible goodies and prossecco. I am yet to try the salted caramel kettles although I am very intrigued! I also got some of my favourite sweets, fudge and truffles. I feel spoilt for choice. Sorry Slimming World! One of my friends also knows I love food and got me a restaurant choice voucher so I cannot wait to spend it on a nice meal.

Some other gifts I received include socks, dvds, a camera bag and strap and some smellies. All of which I am really chuffed with. The DVD came from my cat, he thought I might like to watch it. I also got a chair for the garden so I can sit outside in the sunshine! I look forward to attempting the DIY cactus too!

I was lucky enough to receive some books too including a few recipe books. I can't wait to try some of the salted caramel recipes, using my new bowls of course! 

Last but not least, I received the second edition of the Christie Love's Box, cleverly put together by Kim. If you've seen my Christmas Gift Haul you will know I received Box 1 last year and it was filled with goodies. This year was no different and I was really impressed with the contents. You will have to wait until my next post to see what is inside though, as I think it deserves its own post! 

Let me know if you've had a birthday recently, and what goodies you received?


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  1. In my birthday haul, I told a story of my childhood. I miss my grand daughter's first train ride. We all know that due to corona everything was not in its place. people have lots of their work stuck. People are doing the their business through WhatsApp and online resources. similarly, selecting people of the team I also happening online.


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