Tuesday 6 June 2017

My Little Friday Night Box

When My Little Box arrived this month, I ripped it open in anticipation to discover the box theme was Friday Night. Conveniently, my box arrived on a Friday so I had no problem in opening it up there and then and seeing what was inside. I was greeted with a colourful array of goodies as you can see!

As usual, we received the small linen bag. I do really like these, I use them for everything and they really do come in handy. I have one in my bag with my phone charger in, another with medicines and plasters and they’re great to pop my phone in at the gym so that I can hang it off the machines rather than trying to balance it on the small platforms available. (The joys of having an iPhone 7 plus!). We also received a little print as we usually do and a little booklet too which came in an envelope with some cocktail recipes and an invite to pass on to someone for a dinner party.

I really like the packaging on this body cream that I received. I haven’t seen many other people get this in their box. It is a really nice item and handy to pop on your body to moisturise any dry areas before hitting the town. I haven’t heard of this brand before but would like to see what else they have to offer.

It took me a moment to realise what this item was exactly however it is in fact a Black Bow Tie Bra Accessory. I have never seen anything like this before on the market, although I am sure there are similar items available. This bow is designed to slip onto the back of your bra meaning it doesn’t matter if you have a backless dress or top on. I personally do not own anything backless, maybe because I don’t want my bra strap on show who knows! I do think this is quite a unique item and I do like it, I will definitely keep it for those times when I need it. Any suggestions on how else I can use it? I was thinking a hair accessory would also look pretty cute or maybe slipping it onto a dog collar?

I really like the My Little Beauty Eye Pencil and Smudger in black. This pencil is very pigmented, goes on smooth and dries matte. It stays put all day. The smudger works well to blend out a smoky eye which works great for a Friday night out on the town.

This Gold Triangle Hair Pin was another one of the lifestyle pieces we received in this month’s box. I really like this item despite not yet having a chance to use it. I think it’s a nice item which will jazz up any hairstyle. Triangles were ‘in’ a while back so it’s nice to see they are sticking to trends. The hair pin is easy to use and feels pretty strong. You can use this in a variety of hairstyles or more importantly to get that hair away from your face when dancing the night away on a Friday!

The nail varnish in this month’s box was a bit of a disappointment if I’m honest when comparing this to what other people got. The colour is a dark taupe, something that doesn’t resonate with a Friday night to me. The brand is Nailmatic, one I am not familiar with. I would have expected something a bit more glittery or bright for the summer. This is not something I would wear this time of year but I will pop it in my drawer and keep it safe for autumn. 

The final lifestyle item we received were this pack of four cork coasters with a colourful design on them. They don’t really match the d├ęcor of my house but will be good for a backup when I do happen to be having Friday Night drinks and need some extra coasters to go around. The quality feels nice. I think I will keep these in my office for now to brighten the room up a bit, but the fact they have ‘My Little Box’ branded all over them means they won’t become part of my regular homewares. 

Overall this box was OK – I wasn’t blown away by the contents and think they could have made the theme a little better. I am coming up to my year anniversary of getting this box so hope they can bring something out of the bag this month to keep me committed! What do you think?


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