Saturday 17 September 2016

The Konjac Sponge Company*

A few months ago I received a Konjac Sponge in a Glossybox and absolutely loved it even though it was not from the official Konjac Sponge Company brand. When I saw the genuine brand on the Socialberry network for review, I knew I had to apply. 

The Konjac Sponge Company ensures all of their sponges are handmade and tested for authenticity and purity. Originating from South Korea, these sponges are the secret to silky smooth skin. The collection is vegan and cruelty free and suitable for all skin types, even sensitive baby skin. There is a sponge out there for everyone.

I received the cleansing doggy sponge and decided to test it out on my mums Frenchie Macy. For only £9.99 this chemical free sponge is perfect for cleansing away tear stains which are common with her breed as her eyes protrude slightly. Despite not really enjoyed bath time, this sponge is ideal just to cleanse Macy’s face without giving her a full wash. The sponges are soft on her delicate skin and great for using around the eye area due to their shape.

The sponges are made from pure vegetable fibre and once fully hydrated with water they become soft like jelly. After use, squeeze out the excess water and hang in an airy dry place. I like to pop mine on the radiator. With care, these Konjac Sponges can last up to 3 months.

Overall I am really impressed with the sponges I have tried so far. Konjac Sponges can be purchased online and in luxury stores such as Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Fenwick. Have you ever tried one of these sponges?

*I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I was not influenced in any way.


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