Sunday 9 August 2015

That's going straight in my basket..

On my old blog I used to do a lot of 'Weekday Wishlists'. I think they're a great way of collating things I want to buy. This post is aimed at things I want from Amazon.

I'm on a budget now until Christmas and I know I won't end up buying any of these things for myself so this list could be worth referring to nearer to Christmas when people start asking me what I want and I have no idea. Maybe I can make it a monthly thing. I'll see how it goes down.

I'm always curious as to how many calories I ACTUALLY burn when I'm at the gym and I would love a Polar FT7 and heart rate monitor band to measure this. For just £55 I love the look and colour of this one.. That'd go straight in my basket.

I've wanted a Travalo for as long as I can remember. I love that you can just pop your favourite perfume in here then pop this in your handbag for convenience. This one is £7.99 which I don't think is too bad.

I've wanted to read this book "The Opposite Of Loneliness" for a while and think it would be a good Kindle purchase. I think it will be a bit of an upsetting read but I've seen good reviews.

Speaking of books, I really want to read the Game Of Thrones series. This is a lot of money for me to justify on books and with the amount of free time this would take me ages to read but I'm so curious to see how different they are to the TV series.

I love this stuffed burger press. I often make cheese stuffed burgers but they're never perfect shaped and if the cheese is too close to the edge it often tends to ooze out. I need one of these in my life, for less than £10 I think it's a good investment.

I can't wait to get my hands on the second Deliciously Ella book. I love recipe books and the healthy recipes that Ella creates are always so delicious and good for you. This isn't out until January but still one for the wishlist.

I love this 'No Cat's Allowed' cushion. I've seen one in Lisa Angel in Norwich and I love it. I love my cat and he is ALWAYS in my room so I love the irony of this cushion. I definitely want one of these on my bed.

I saw an advert for this Throwback R&B CD and I sang along to the whole advert. The tracklist is full of my favourite retro hits and this would be the perfect CD to listen to on long journeys. At just £10 for 60 songs, this is going straight in my basket.

Do you think wishlists are a good idea? What's on yours?

*Photos obtained from Amazon


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