Friday 10 July 2015

American Candy - Part 2

You may have seen part 1 of my American Candy blog post and I got so much candy I decided to split it into 2 parts, so here's the rest of it!

These Butterfinger bites were AMAZING. They were not what I expected at all, I thought they were going to be chewy. They're kind of like a UK Crunchie but instead of the honeycomb, it's more of a peanut brittle coated in chocolate. Very moreish. Does get stuck in your teeth though!

I then tried these Chewy Lemonhead tropical flavoured candies, the packaging is so bright and fun looking! These were lovely. Like a very sweet fruit version of skittles. These came in 5 different flavours, my favourite were the cherry watermelon ones, delicious!

I was excited to try these Sno Caps as I haven't seen anything like these in the UK. When I opened the box they reminded me of Jazzies which we have here, except they were really tiny. These were dark chocolate and really yum, but you needed to stick 4 or 5 in your mouth at once.

I then tried 2 more flavours of the Air Heads in Green Apple and Watermelon. I think my favourite of the 4 flavours was the cherry one. The colours of these are crazy bright, but they taste nice enough.

I then tried more gum, I got this Sour Patch watermelon gum. We have Sour Patch sweets here in the UK but I don't think I have seen the gum. I wouldn't say the gum is particularly sour, but it does taste like watermelon. The flavour wears off pretty quickly.

This last item isn't really a candy item, but it is from America. It's a protein smoothie mix. You basically add Kale and Apple to this mix and blend to get a protein shake. I love a green smoothie so this was a nice addition to give me a protein hit after a workout. The sachet was only 60 calories and contained 2 servings so I wasn't going overboard.

I hope you've enjoyed these 2 posts, let me know what your favourite candy is!


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