Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Rocky Road on a budget..

The other day I was looking for a Rocky road recipe, when I found this really easy one by Nigella Lawson. (Click here)

It required minimal ingredients and literally took 5 minutes to make. I also chose budget friendly ingredients, and it still tasted amazing. I bought my ingredients from Sainsburys, and used the cheapest options where possible.

Rocky Road Ingredients

I weighed out my biscuits and crushed them in the bag, ready to add to my melted chocolate, butter and golden syrup mixture.

It tasted better than it looked!

I then added my biscuits and marshmallows and placed it into a tray and left it in the fridge overnight.

I then took the rocky road out of the fridge, and cut it into bitesize chunks, which I then ate far too many of! Oops. They tasted great though, you should definitely try them!

Rocky Road

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