Monday 9 October 2017

Recreating Our First Date*

One of the first posts I wrote about on this blog when I revamped it was all about my first date with my fiancĂ©. Where it all began. It’s hard to believe that was over 4 years ago now. He took me to the zoo to show me how to use my camera (well that was his excuse anyway!).

Recently we decided to recreate that first date and head back to the same zoo. It was such a nice experience to go back. It brought back memories from the first time we went. When we first went, James brought a picnic along with him so we did the same again. I packed sandwiches for us, sausage rolls, grapes, crisps and drinks. A bit more elaborate than the first time we came!

We wandered around the zoo pointing out things that we did last time and places that we looked around all those years ago. I remember thinking this was such a fun first date, a lot different to the types of dates that you see on TV. Having never really ‘dated’ before, it definitely was one to remember. I think first dates definitely set the mood for the rest of the relationship. A rubbish first date may mean that you won’t see the person again.

First dates can be anything from a meal, a quick drink or something a bit different like a zoo trip. If you are looking to date then a good place to start would be trying out some of the best dating sites. Depending on where you live there are plenty of sites available such as Cumbria dating site, Wiltshire dating site or dating agency Shropshire.  There really is something out there for everyone, you could even date divorced singles. Why don’t you give it a go - you never know where it may lead!

Where would your ideal first date be?

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