Friday 20 October 2017

Kaomojibalms Lip Balm Review*

I have loads of different lip balms in my collection, however they sit in my drawer and don’t stand out to me at all. When I heard about Kaomojibalms, I thought they looked and sounded really fun. A “Kaomoji” is the original Japanese version of an emoji, or emoticon. These lip balms are packaged with an emoji on the front. You can really express yourself with these and I think they look really cute!

Unlike many lip balms currently available on the market, the kaomojibalms aim to use natural products that help to heal chapped lips and moisturise and sooth them long term. With ingredients like Vitamin E, this ensures the effects are long lasting. It is recommended that you use these balms once per day and I have been adding this to my morning beauty routine. The good thing is these can be used alongside other lip products and lipsticks. Only premium ingredients are used and there are no parabens or phthalates. Detailed ingredient information is available on the packaging and on the website. They are also suitable for vegans and have not been tested on animals.

I received 2 different designs as you can see however the original collection launched with 9 products. There are more and more coming out every day. There are four flavours. I received one in Cherry Pom, and one in frosted mint but there is also a coconut cream and French vanilla available. I think the flavours are true to what they say and are scented nicely, they don’t smell cheap. Again, new flavours are being released all the time!

I think the Kaomojibalms would make a great stocking filler this Christmas and a great gift for any friend to brighten their day. You can buy the lip balms in Topshop. For more information head over to the Kaomojibalms Twitter. What do you think of these? Post and share your kaomji-story!

*I received this item free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I was not influenced in any way.

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