Monday 18 September 2017

My Office Decor & Styling Fairy Lights

When I moved into my house I knew that I wanted to convert the spare room into an office area where I could also do some blogging. The room was painted a mint green colour when we moved in and had a blue carpet. It was used as a reading room I suppose, complete with bookshelf and rocking chair – which was still there when we moved in! When we had the electrics rewired in this room, we added an extra plug as we knew we both wanted to have our computers in here (or laptop in my case). This was really handy as it allowed us to set up our own computer areas at each side of the room. We painted the entire room white which is a great backdrop for my blog photos. There was a cupboard in this room which we wanted to utilise this space for some storage and at first I wasn’t sure what to do with it so it became a bit of a junk storage place.

Before Photo - Courtesy of Rightmove.
James very kindly surprised me on my birthday by sorting this room for me and buying me some great furniture and accessories. Firstly, he took the doors off the cupboard and replaced them with some sheer curtains which he popped onto a copper pipe for me, matching the theme of the room. Inside the cupboard which was bare, he added some shelving which he painted with a copper edge and a book case. Inside I have popped some of my books and some of my blog items. He also added a copper clock to the wall to really tie the colours in together.

My desks are from IKEA. I have one which I put my laptop on for when I am writing blog posts, and the other I use for taking my photos. This has been topped with some Marble fablon which you have probably seen in the background off all of my photos. I have a chair that I got from IKEA as well and on this chair is a gorgeous cushion that James bought me from B&Q.

Under my desks I have some more storage units which I have filled with craft supplies. He also decorated these for me in copper and marble to fit in with the theme of the room. I also have a light curtain which is great for the winter when I want to add some pretty bokeh to the background of any shots I take.

I love having fairy lights in this room as it makes for a really relaxing environment. If you're looking for your own light curtain, then be sure to check out Festive Lights. They have an amazing range of lights in every style imaginable. I am thinking of getting these adorable Unicorn Fairy Lights as I think they will really go with the relaxed decor in this room. They are also perfect for Children's rooms and nurseries so will be a great transitional piece once this room becomes a bedroom one day! 

Imagery provided by Festive Lights

On the floor, we have used the offcuts from the bedroom carpet just so there is something soft to put your feet onto. I also have a sheepskin rug that I pop down now and again, or failing that it hangs off my chair. James also has his side of the room sorted with his desk, massive computer screen, chair, shelving and art supplies.

I have not had the ceiling or coving done in here, but will be something that I do if I ever change this room around as well as replace the floor to a complete one. I love this room now it has been organised properly and it’s a great space for me to work on my blog posts. I would eventually like some curtains or a blind in here but for now, it’s just right. For a room that we haven’t really put a lot of time or money into I think it works well, and can stay this way for the foreseeable future as we have more important rooms to focus on next (the living room!)

Do you have any room before/after’s to share? Can you recommend any other fairy light hacks like these ones that I could add to this room?

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