Friday 29 September 2017

A Week in Wales

Recently I went on a short week away with my Dad, Step Mum, Brother and his Girlfriend, Step Brother and his girlfriend and James. We went for a week in Wales, Amroth to be precise. I thought I would do a little blog post about all the things we got up to, however if you’re interested I also vlogged the holiday which I will also link below. The weather was amazing and the views were like nothing I have ever experienced in the UK before. Such a lovely place for somewhere that you can get to by car!

Day One
On the first full day in Wales, myself, James, Jack and Chloe got dropped off at a Pebble Beach in Newgale. My step mum then told us she would meet us in the next town, Solva in a couple of hours. We set off on our walk, little did I know it was more of a climb than a walk! Described as leisurely, as a non-walker usually I did find this a struggle at times with how steep some of the terrain was. The walk was approximately 5 and a half miles in total and it took us over 3 hours to complete. There really were some breath-taking views along the route and I got some lovely photos. Highlights of the walk included walking through a field full of cows! Not what we expected!

Day Two
Today we left early in the morning and headed to Tenby to get a boat across to Caldey Island, inhabited by monks. This little island had some shops, lighthouse and a church. There was a post office where you could get Caldey Island stamps, so I decided to send myself a post card as it worked out a similar price to do that than to buy one. I actually wrote it out to my cat in the end, and it arrived the next day! We had a lovely walk around to the lighthouse and saw some ponies on the way. My favourite part was visiting the chocolate factory where chocolate and fudge is made on site. The shop smelled delicious and I came away with a chocolate bar which I ate pretty much the same day. After our visit to the island, we headed back to the car and went to St Davids. This lovely little place had an amazing cathedral and plenty of places for afternoon tea. We had a scone, it wasn’t quite like a scone you would get at home mind you! More like a bread roll.

Day Three
Today we had a more leisurely day and headed to Tenby to do some shopping and explore in more detail. Tenby is a harbour town and seaside resort with the most amazing pastel coloured buildings. There are cobbled streets and many places to eat along the way. Tenby has plenty of gift shops and souvenir shops so I bought a few little bits from here. For dinner we went to The Amroth Arms, a local pub. Despite a mix up with our table due to having dogs with us, the food was pretty good.

Day Four
This day consisted of a visit to Heatherton World of Activities. Here you can buy tokens which then allow you to take part in different activities on site ranging from Go Karts to Archery. We started off with a visit to the Mini Golf. I really enjoyed it and scored 2 hole in ones! We then did some pistol shooting, archery and clay pigeon laser shooting. It was good fun and killed a few hours off. We took a packed lunch and arrived back late afternoon so decided to walk to Colby. This gorgeous area was right around the corner from where we were staying and the weather was so nice. We enjoyed a lovely walk before heading back to our accommodation for dinner.

Day Five
We went back to Tenby today to complete a treasure/adventure trail that my step mum had got for us. My brother and his girlfriend went off Kayaking whilst we did this lovely walk. Despite already going to Tenby, this walk took a couple of hours and we saw some places we hadn’t previously seen. We got lots of nice photos and managed to find out some history of the town. After we had finished our walk we met back up with the others and went to Penbroke Castle for the afternoon. I really enjoyed this castle, apart from the winding stairs up to the top of the tower, I hated coming down them! We went on a guided tour and found out that Henry VII was born here, it was really interesting. They also had the Pembrokeshire Falconry on display too.

Day Six
On our final day we decided to get some castle visits in so set off early to make the most of the day. We started out by visiting Carew Castle and Tidal Mill. The castle was great to look around, my favourite part being the room which was supposedly haunted by an ape! Most of the castle was in ruin but I did really enjoy looking around the different rooms and trying to imagine what they might have looked like hundreds of years ago. Included in the price of our ticket was a visit to the Tidal Mill, the only restored Tidal Mill in Wales and one of only 5 in the UK. There were a few floors to look around here filled with an audio tour and family friendly displays. It was also good that the dogs could come in with us too, although did struggle with the steps!

The next place we visited was Lamphey Bishop's Palace. When we arrived they were setting up for a wedding the next day. Not wanting to intrude, we skipped past the marquees and headed for the ruins and had a look around. The grounds were impressive. This was the treat of choice for medieval bishops seeking solace from everyday life. It was free to look around here so I am pleased we gave it a look on the way to our next location. We then stopped for lunch at Lamphey Hall Hotel which was delicious.

We then decided to check out St Govans Chapel which is on the side of a cliff. We walked down some steep steps to get here and it was really interesting seeing this building in such an odd place!

Finally we went to Manorbier Castle, where again they seemed to be setting up for another wedding. I was interested to find out that the castle has been used as a film location for “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe” 1989 and “I Capture the Castle” 2001. I was most excited about looking in the crypt, however this was basically being used as storage for a wedding. There were no signs to say we couldn’t go in and personally if people were walking around my venue whilst I was setting up I wouldn’t be too happy! There was a whole fridge of prosecco on show! Anyway, we had another walk around the castle which was nice and I read through the guide book as I went along. Pembrokeshire Falconry were also showcasing some of their birds and for £1 you could hold one, so a couple of our group decided to have a go! That was fun!

We ended our day by heading to Saundersfoot for some Fish and Chips – yum!

All in all, I had an amazing holiday. Be sure to check out my vlogs for more stories and footage of all of the places mentioned above. Have you ever visited any of these places?


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