Wednesday 12 July 2017

TSB Summer of Pride Tour* #PrideOfBritain

Nominations for the Pride of Britain awards are now open which if you didn’t already know is the only awards event in the UK that honours our everyday unsung heroes. People who have shown amazing courage or have been inspiring are showcased in a televised event at the end of October. Some of the stories and people featured on the show are remarkable and I think it is great that they get this coverage.  TSB are proud to be part of a community where people help people and they all thrive together. And that’s why they partner with Pride of Britain, Pride of Sport because they celebrate and enable people doing that too.

TSB have been whizzing around the country on the Summer of Pride Tour, stopping at TSB branches along the way in aid of trying to get the public to nominate someone that they believe should be up for a Pride of Britain award. I popped down to my local branch today to get a selfie with one of the Minis they have taken on tour. I felt a real sense of community and think it is fantastic that they are out promoting the Pride of Britain on this tour.

I love the community spirit in my area, specifically in Norwich and the close surrounding areas. One of the volunteer groups that I am really proud of is the Special Constables we have here locally. They take part in recruitment events, and generally help out in the area supporting the regular police force. Just think for every Special that comes out and does a shift or polices a local event or Norwich City Football game that then frees up one regular officer to protect the community and go to more serious jobs that they are better trained for. Working together means that members of the public are kept safe and in the light of recent events, this is valuable support and does make me feel safe. Special Constables take part in local fetes and attend local schools to engage with children and really put themselves out there.

At the company I work for, they also allow us to have 3 volunteer days a year which is fantastic. As a team we have helped out at Hillside Animal Sanctuary by cleaning out the animals, walking dogs and painting fences for them. We have also helped out at PACT Animal Sanctuary and completed similar tasks. Most recently we helped out at a local Scout Hut in Norwich, where we helped them to remove some fallen trees, cut back thick bramble and painted some of their communal areas. I love helping out in the community. It feels great to help people out and a little work really does go a long way and means a lot to people.

Is there anyone you would like to nominate for Pride of Britain? For more information, visit TSB Pride.

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