Thursday 6 July 2017

Celebrate Summer With the Alpro Coconut Range*

Summer is in full swing and I don’t know about you but not only does the weather get nicer, so does the food! I love indulging in summery dishes made with fresh ingredients. I am celebrating summer with the new Alpro Coconut range which is absolutely perfect for this season!

The Alpro coconut range includes Alpro Coconut Original drink and Alpro Plain with Coconut plant-based alternative to yogurt. Both of these can be used in a variety of ways to spice up your meals this summer whether it be a snack or a main dish.

With The Alpro Plain with Coconut I had this for breakfast with some oats, chia seeds and frozen blueberries mixed in. The consistency is really creamy and this has a delicious flavour. 

Why not try eating this inside a cornet cone for a healthier alternative to Ice Cream? Failing that, try overnight oats, or you could even use this in a curry!

I decided to adapt the Alpro fruit lollies recipe using the Alpro Coconut drink that I was kindly sent. I didn’t have all of the same fruit as the recipe so just used what I had in the house and they turned out delicious. That’s the beauty of this recipe, you can simply pop in whatever fruit you like and it will still be refreshingly delicious for this summer!  Not forgetting these are also gluten and lactose free!

400ml Alpro Coconut Original Drink
2 tbsp icing sugar
Ice lolly moulds and sticks.

Divide your fruit pieces among 4-6 ice lolly moulds. Blend the Alpro Coconut Original with the icing sugar until a smooth consistency is reached. Carefully pour your Alpro Coconut mix into the moulds until they are full, then insert a lollypop stick. Set in the freezer overnight and enjoy! The Alpro Coconut drink is delicious and has no added sugars. It only contains 40 calories per 200ml glass so your ice lollies are super low in calories so you can have these completely guilt free! I added some dried edible flowers too which made the lollies look nice and added a nice hint of flavour.

Alternative ways of having this drink is to splash over cereal, add to a smoothie or simply drink on its own.

Overall, I love the new Alpro Coconut range, will you be trying it out?

*I received some of these items free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I was not influenced in any way.

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