Monday 8 May 2017

My Little Garden Box - April

Another month has arrived and another My Little Box has popped through my letterbox. This month I had managed to dodge most of the hints so had absolutely no clue what the theme was going to be. As you can see, this month’s theme is all about The Garden, with some lovely products and little extras to go along with it. The only negative thing I have to say about this box is that it arrived a week later than usual! I saw that the French boxes were received a lot earlier than ours when usually we get them around the same time. Hopefully it’s a one off.

Instead of the usual print that we get each month, we received a monthly fruit and veg calendar showing you which produce is in season. I think it is a nice list, I am going to pop it inside my pantry to remind me what fruit and veg is available at what times so that I can adapt and change my meal plans according to the season. A nice item to receive I think! Alongside this was a magnetic shopping list pad ideal for the fridge with a few recipes thrown in. I do all of my shopping online but this is handy to have if I run out of something mid-week and need a quick dash to the shop.

We also received a ‘wear it your way’ scarf which can be used around the neck or to accessorise your handbag. You can even use it as a headband. The quality is nice, not as nice as the snood we received in a previous box but it is a pretty item and I like the colouring.

The largest item in this month’s box and the reason it felt so heavy was the full sized Mixa Sensitive Skin Restorative Body Moisturiser. Full sized this item costs just £6.49 and is aimed at people with very dry skin. In the summer months I definitely need something like this to keep my skin hydrated. I like that the dispenser is a pump so this is really easy to apply without getting residue all over the lid. It reminds me of sun lotion and has a similar scent but doesn’t leave any sticky residue. So far, I like the product but it doesn’t wow me as far as moisturisers go.

I love this water bottle with added fruit infuser. I had one of these a while ago but have no idea what happened to it. I like the design, however it could have been a bit brighter to fit in with the garden theme of the box. I am yet to use this but I picture myself adding kiwi and maybe strawberries to the piece in the middle then having lovely fruit infused water. I think lemon would also work well here too. I look forward to trying this out when the weather gets a bit warmer to enable me to have a lovely refreshing drink.

The next My Little Beauty item of the month was this Vitamin Shot Face Scrub. This is made with bamboo extract, apricot seeds and Argon oil so a real good mixture of nourishing products. The scrub has a gel like texture and is bright orange in colour but does not give off much scent. I would have liked this to be really citrusy to go with the bright colours and fresh ingredients. The scrub is nice on the other hand and leaves my skin feeling clean and soft.

The last My Little Beauty item I received was the Easy Morning Moisturiser which I have seen a few people say that this was a duplicate item from a previous box. I have looked back on all of my previous posts and it appears that I have never received this before and it is completely new to me. I replaced my usual moisturiser with this one in the morning and I have been enjoying it. It doesn’t make a significant difference to my usual brand but it gives me the option of trying something a bit difference once in a while.

As a little bonus this month we received these Ape Coconut bites. I literally got 3 and a half bites in the back so they were over before they were even started but they were quite nice. The coconut was sweet and crispy and I did really like these as a snack but I could have done with a few more. I imagine these are available in larger sized bags and I would like to try them out and find out if there are possibly more flavours/types available.

What do you think of this month’s box? I love the unique theme!


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