Tuesday 30 May 2017

Make Life Easier With Bidvine*

Since moving into my house I have needed a lot of work doing and have struggled to get recommendations from friends for trusted tradesmen. Sometimes it is hard to know where to start when looking for people to do odd jobs around the home. When I heard about a website called Bidvine, all of my frustrations were resolved. Bidvine is not only a website for finding handy men, it is also the easiest way to find professionals from fashion photographers to painters and decorators and even yoga instructors.

Photo provided by Bidvine.

So I am sure you are wondering how Bidvine works? Firstly head over to the Bidvine website and tell them what it is you are looking for. This can be anything from a plasterer to a masseuse, whatever you need. It is very clear from the webpage where you need to type in this information. You then have to simply type in your postcode. The website then asks you a series of service-specific questions relating to what you first put in so for example Plastering Services, they may ask what size area needs plastering and so on. Once you have filled in all of the information, you can then create an account. Your job request is then sent to qualified people who will then ‘bid’ to carry out the services. They will tell you what they can offer and for how much, you can then select who you want to go with.

Professionals have up to 4 days to contact you with a bid but you should expect to get your first bids within hours. Depending on the nature of the job and the level of detail you have entered will all depend on the amount of bids you will receive but you will usually get 2 pros expressing their interest. Professionals using the site pay a small fee to send you a custom bid so all Bidvine ask is that you respond to everyone respecting their hard work and time. The fact that pros have to pay means you really do get dedicated people who really want to help you out on there.

After you have received your required service you can then add a review. Other people browsing the site will rely on reviews in order to make their decisions regardless of what type of experience you have had. Another thing to note is that Bidvine share the answers that you provide to the service-specific questions, your general location, and your phone number if you have asked them to. They don't share your email.

Photo provided by Bidvine

Bidvine really takes away the pressures of trying to find a professional. Once your information has been submitted you simply sit and wait for the bids to come in. You can then decide who you want to work with dependent on your budget and what quality of service you are after. Some of the other services offered on the site include, photography, language lessons, music lessons, painting, house clearances, fitness and wellbeing.

Will you be using Bidvine?

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