Monday 2 January 2017

What I got for Christmas 2016

Christmas hauls are one of my favourite posts around this time of year and I love reading blog posts about them and seeing them on Youtube. It’s a shame that these posts need a disclaimer – I am by no means bragging about what I received. I love sharing what I got and hope it inspires people if they are stuck for gift ideas for birthdays throughout the year. I have not included every single item because I think I would be here all day showing you my socks but I appreciated every single gift. As per last year, I have not mentioned who bought me every little thing, just the odd few people I can link to. Money was tight this year after moving out so thank you to those that bought me a gift despite me not being able to go all out on others, I really appreciate it.

Here is just some of the food items I received this Christmas and I have been chowing down! I always relax my diet over Christmas so I have certainly been making my way through this pile of treats. I think some of these were for both me and James so at least I'll have a little bit of help with them! I love the biscuits I got in the adorable pastel tin. James bought me some a couple of years ago and I wanted one in every colour but he never bought me any more so I was so pleased than Kelly added another colour to my collection. Now I have an excuse to buy more!

Another gift I enjoyed receiving this year was a good book. Crafting with cat hair has to be the most random of them all - thanks Jack and Chloe. I received a lovely recipe book from Bethany, James' mum got me an interior design book and one from my favourite authors Linwood Barclay and the others James picked up for me. I also received a book called "is your cat gay?". Random but funny.

I received some lovely jewellery pieces this year including a brand new Fitbit Flex 2 in lavender. After having my old one break on me a couple of weeks before Christmas, I was so pleased to unwrap this gift from James. I also got a personalised cactus necklace with my name on from Kim which is adorable - I love it. I received the Christmas themed cat Pandora charm from my mum and last but not least this lovely friendship bracelet from Kelly. I love the teal beading, it goes really well with the silver.

When it came to beauty products this year, this gorgeous Too Face palette really did trump the lot! I cannot believe Kim got it for me and I couldn't have expected a nicer gift. The mascara is amazing (better than sex as they say!) and the colour pay off from the palette is fantastic. I had an eye infection over Christmas so had to wait a few days to use this but it was worth the wait. I also received my favourite Urban Decay primer potion and some beautiful cosmetics from the Vintage & Co including lovely bath roses and a lip butter which has been a lifesaver in these cold times.

It might be worth mentioning another gift, my fairy light curtain which you can see in the background! This is now a permanent feature in my 'office' so stay tuned for more twinkly light photo backdrops!

I received a few home-ware bits, some of my favourites include the VelvetGhost lights from Primark which match my bedding and new bedroom decor so I am very pleased with those. We also received a paella kit so that is something I will be trying in the new year.

Last but not least there is the random stuff. I love random things! Some of the random gifts I got include, a zorbing voucher for me and James, an Omelette maker (awesome!), some dollars for America, a cat pinball machine, socks and onion goggles!

A massive thank you to everyone that bought me a present. I am sorry I could not feature every single thing, mainly because I have started using it and couldn't wait before taking a photo! Please link me your 'What I Got For Christmas' posts and videos, I'd love to take a look.


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