Sunday 15 January 2017

Float Norwich Experience and Review

A few months ago my friend Kelly and I decided to book an experience which took place at Float Norwich. They were offering a half price float to promote the opening and we thought it would be an interesting thing to go along to, not really knowing much about what happens or how it works. I thought I would write a blog post on my experience if you are thinking of going or have any questions that aren’t available on the website.

We arrived at 11:30 for our appointment. There are only two float pods so we booked simultaneously in order that we could go together, however the pods are in separate rooms and each experience is just for you. If you don’t know what ‘floating’ is all about, in simple terms it is a flotation therapy which involves lying in a pod filled with salt water enabling you to float effortlessly. You can eliminate all outside distractions such as sound, light and gravity. When we entered the building we were welcomed with a smile.

We took off our shoes and handed over our coats. The first thing was to sit in a massage chair for 5 minutes to loosen up your joints. The chair felt like it was going to eat me alive. It massaged each part of your body, in some places it is quite firm. This was a weird experience but I did feel better afterwards.

We were then separately shown into our pod room and the member of staff kindly explained everything and answered any questions that I had, then when I was comfortable with what I was doing, I was left alone. The room consists of a shower, float pod and a space to hang your dry clothes. Firstly, I showered to rinse myself down and then I could get into the pod. You are provided with ear plugs so you don’t get any salt in your ears and also a towel for when you get out. They really have thought of everything.

I got into the pod and closed the lid. The temperature is set to body temp so it felt lovely and warm. Inside the pod is a light switch, a spray bottle with water for if you get salt in your face and also a button that goes through to reception if you need anything. It took me a while to get used to how easy it was to float and get comfortable. I then turned the light off and completely relaxed. When the hour is up, some music comes on and you can slowly ease yourself out of the pod. I then had a full shower where shampoo, conditioner and body wash was provided. Rinsing away all the salt left my skin feeling surprisingly soft. I then got myself dried and dressed and headed through to the pamper room.

The pamper room was lovely, with space for two people there was hairdryers (GHD ones!), GHD straighteners, hair clips and styling products. You will just need to bring along a hair brush with you. We got ourselves ready (taking 40 minutes!) then headed back to reception. Kelly apologised to the staff for taking so long and he reassured us that we could take as long as we needed and that there was no rush. The whole experience felt like this, we really could take our time with everything. We were then offered a herbal tea and a bowl of sorbet which was refreshing and lovely. We signed the guest book and sadly it was time to leave! We both had a really great time.

A single float experience which includes a 60- minute float session, followed by a refreshing sorbet and organic tea costs £55, if you would like to float at the same time as a friend like I have, it’s £100 so you can save £5. Head over to the Float Norwich website for more information. I cannot wait to return!


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