Monday 26 September 2016

Purrfect Cat Subscription Box Review*

I love receiving subscription boxes for my pets, there is just something about it that makes me feel good about spending the money because it’s not technically for me. I love the excitement of receiving the box and seeing what is inside, then sharing the goodies with my furry friends. I recently received a Purrfect Box run by the same people who brought me my Pawsome Box for dogs. This time I decided to treat Biscuit my cat, he has just moved in with me so the more treats and things I can get, the better! I am hoping they will all help to settle him in to his new surroundings.

Purrfect Box is a surprise box containing quality products worth over £30 for your cat delivered straight to your doorstep. You can order a gift subscription or subscribe yourself from just £19.90 but you can save money by committing to subscribe for a longer amount of time. The box comes filled with goodies, wrapped in paw print tissue paper.

The first item I received for Biscuit was this Catch Ball. I am not sure if it is filled with catnip or not but Biscuit seemed to enjoy playing with it which leads me to believe it is filled with the good stuff. I think this ball is well designed and good quality. I love the little pop out fish section too.

These Pet Munchies Gourmet Chicken Liver Treats are a favourite in this household and we have bought these before. These treats do have a very strong scent so bare that in mind when cracking these open. I have a specific cupboard set aside for cat treats but if I’d have stored these anywhere else they would have caused a stink! These treats are natural so its always nice to know you're giving your cat some good.

I then saw this Gim Cat Pudding Sachet which is something I haven’t seen before. This liquid substance does not have a strong scent and can be given to your cat by popping this on the end of your finger. Just be careful if your cat bites! My cat is not fussy when it comes to food and really enjoyed this which is a bonus and it won’t go to waste!

Biscuit loves these play and fill mice and is not the first one he has owned. I love seeing the effects of a cat on catnip, it’s great if you want some peace and quiet for a bit whilst they roll around. I felt like the catnip remained strong for a while and is still giving off the same effects after a couple of weeks of using it.

This Bowl is amazing, simply pop it in the freezer and when you come to use it, the water is kept nice and cold. I assume this can also be used for food, but food doesn’t hang around long enough in my house! The bowl is of a reasonable size and can also be used for dogs. This has been great for both the puppy and the cat this summer.

This dangly fish toy has also gone down well with Biscuit, although he does like most toys. I love that you can attach this to your arm or leg and watch TV whilst also playing with your cat with minimal movement. I have proceeded to hang this from the radiator so I don’t even have to move a muscle now whilst the cat has some fun.

What did you think of this box? I think they are great value for such a good variety of treats, toys and accessories. For £5 discount on a Purrfect Box for your cat, use code ukbtkfqt on their website.

*I received this box free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I was not influenced in any way. Please see my disclaimer for more information.

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