Thursday 8 September 2016

My Purrfect Gift Box - August*

Once again My Purrfect Gift Box couldn’t have come at a better time and I always have a great smile on my face when I see the vibrant purple box waiting for me on my door step. As I have mentioned before and want to mention again, when you buy this box a portion of the subscription costs goes to support UK cat charities, rescue centres and animal shelters. So while you are giving to yourself, know you are giving to the cats that need us across the UK. I think that is such a lovely gesture. This month’s box was all about 'A Day In The Park' celebrating the end of summer, warm nights and love/romance.

The first item I received was this gorgeous bangle with 3 pendants. It comes complete with a ‘C’ for cat, but as my name begins with a C I was even more excited to receive and wear this lovely piece of jewellery as a cat lover. The moon stone charm gives the bracelet a pop of colour and I have received a few compliments from wearing this already.

I then received these cat face lights. I am currently decorating my cats bedroom (yes, he has his own room!) and these lights are going to look great in there. These are also battery powered which means you can place them pretty much wherever you like and you’re not restricted to having them near a plug. These lights come from Etsy and retail at £18.95. These are hand painted and you get 20 cat faces on the wire. I think they are fun and really bring something extra to a room!

This peacock/bird shaped cat toy has been well received by my furry friend! Made of felt this toy is handmade and sold on Etsy. I love catnip toys, Biscuit goes crazy for them and for only £3.95 you can’t really go wrong for hours of fun! I love that this box had lots of nice treats for Biscuit in this month.

I love that these Vets Kitchen little heart treats are actually heart shaped. These treats contain natural ingredients and are free from artificial colours and flavourings. Biscuit loves these, I like to give him a couple of treats in the evening and he has been practically launching towards me when he sees me get the packet out of the cupboard.

This cat decal is adorable and also comes from Etsy for just £2.99. I have chosen to place it on my laptop but it could have been applied to a window or even the car. It is removable but not reusable but I am happy with it taking pride of place on my laptop and makes me smile every time I come to use it. I think this is a great gift for a cat lover, I want one for every shiny surface I own!

I have always wanted a cat eared headband but never bought one. I love this accessory and it’s a great addition to my collection – I’m not sure I will wear it out of the house or to work but I am sure I can rock it at home or at a fancy dress party!

This furry heart cat toy is handmade from wool and is just £4 from Paw and Gnaw. Filled with a premium dried catnip centre, Biscuit was drawn to this immediately but thankfully didn’t smell strong to me.

I am in love with this cute print depicting three cats sat on the moon, this will also go perfectly in my cat themed room once I start to get things in place. This comes signed by Etsy designer ACatLikeCuriosity and there are many more prints where this one came from! The prints are really affordable and you can even have your own pet illustrated in cartoon form by the artist which I am extremely tempted by.

What do you think of this box? Would you buy this for a fellow cat lover? Even if you don’t want to subscribe, you can purchase some of the items in the shop.

*I received this box free of charge. All opinions are my own and I was not influenced in any way.

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