Wednesday 15 June 2016

Pawsomebox Review*

A few weeks ago now I received a box in the post and I was intrigued to see what was inside. I vaguely remember accepting an opportunity to review a Pawsomebox and I assumed this was it despite there being nothing on the box to state the brand name. I was a bit confused but continued to look through the box and this turned to excitement.

Pawsomebox is a subscription box specifically designed for your furry dog friends. I received the May box which contained the following items. Each box contains 5-6 products specifically chosen for your dog.

The first item was this squeaky pillow toy. I love the design and nautical colours and the stitching of the toy is good quality. This toy is ideal for smaller dogs and my dogs aren’t aggressive with their toys so I know they won’t tear it apart. It’s a great toy to have indoors too because it’s soft you can throw it about without worrying about breaking anything like you would with a tennis ball or firm toy.

Here is my dog Ruby having a rest after playing with her squeeky bone plush!

I was fascinated by this next item, popcorn for dogs! It smells exactly like popcorn but looks a little different. It looks like polystyrene foam shapes that you get in packaging. I was even tempted to try one of these myself but I resisted as I wasn’t keen on the fact these are liver flavour. The popcorn only has 1% fat which is great for those dogs on a diet!

These wipes from Biogance are just what I needed for my smelly dogs! These are great for when your pet is a little bit dirty buy you don’t want to have to go through the hassle of giving them a full bath. These wipes are alcohol free, hypoallergenic and contain 99% natural ingredients. Simply wipe these soft wipes all over your dog’s coat. These are even suitable for sensitive areas around the eyes and ears. Biogance recommend using a new wipe every time you move onto another area of your dog to avoid spreading any bacteria. I used these on Buster just to freshen him up after he had been digging in the garden and was impressed with how much they cleaned. The only downside is that these wipes are so small if you had a larger dog you’d probably end up using the whole packet.

This Burly Baton toy is made from a strong rubber and has rope threaded through the middle. The rope was soon pulled out when this was being tested! The rubber part of the baton is strong and designed to protect your pup from bits coming off and being swallowed so it’s pretty safe.

All dogs love a treat and these Good Boy Chicken Bites are the prefect bitesize snack. These are made with over 50% natural chicken breast meat and can be used as a reward. These come in a re-sealable bag perfect for keeping them fresh. My dogs loved these and they felt nice and juicy compared to other treats that can feel a bit dry.

This Keep Calm and Have a Walk lead is the perfect stylish accessory for my dog. It’s bright red in colour with clear white writing. The lead is sturdy, good quality and has a strong clasp so you won’t get any runaways!

Ruby loved having her popcorn as a reward. Try to limit the dosage between 5 and 20 bites per day depending on the size of your dog. Ruby only had 3 pieces.

Buster eagerly awaited his piece of popcorn after successfully sitting down on command. The popcorn is allergy free and suitable for diabetic dogs. It’s a great source of protein!

Pawsomebox prices start from £16 and would make a great treat for your dog, or a gift for a dog lover. What do you think?

*I received this box free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I was not influenced in any way.

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