Monday 6 April 2015

Monthly Weigh in and Food diary - March

March's monthly food diaries if anyone is interested! I love logging everything for the month it's much easier than the weekly's. I've had a terrible month and I contemplated not even posting this but I'm gonna be real with you guys.

Week 8 +1lb

 Probably the busiest week of my life hah. Not only did I have a roast dinner, I had a Burger King (a HUGE one), a Fry Up and all manner of naughty foods. It's out of my system now. I have a nice clear week, I think... I've drawn a line under my weight gain and will be trying extra hard this week.

 Week 9 -1lb

I aimed to try harder this week, it was a tough start but alongside walking a lot more than usual I powered through with the healthy eating. Me and my boyfriend also went on a bike ride which was lovely. I tried the Slimming World chicken tikka masala too which I thought was really good. I also made a healthy vegan banana loaf which appeared a lot in my food diary this week!

Week 10 +0.5lbs

A reasonably clear week ahead of me, I thought this could go either way. I'd be lucky to lose weight but who knows. Apart from a couple of days where I didn't really stick to being 100% healthy, I pulled it around after the weekend. I've been doing Yoga this week too! Just beginners videos but I am feeling a difference in my core already.

Week 11 +3.5lbs

Well this week was my boyfriend's birthday and I hate to make excuses but I ordered him a massive cake and took him for dinner and breakfast too, chips at the seaside and more cake so I have admittedly indulged! But I enjoyed every bite. This has been a rubbish weight loss month! But I can continue to keep trying.

Total weight loss this month: +3.5.
Pounds to target: 15.

To see my entire food intake, you can visit my Instagram.


  1. Keep going! Small steps. If you can, limit drinks to water only. Try water 5 out of 7 days. I did that at the start. Have you tried FitnessBlender on Youtube. Their videos are awesome for beginners.

    1. Thank you for the tips, I will be sure to try out the water :). I haven't heard of FitnessBlender but I will check them out now, thank you :)! x


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