Friday 17 April 2015

Friday Favourites - Beauty & Lifestyle

I haven't done a favourites post since November can you believe! This month I've been loving quite a few things so thought I'd put them all together in a post. I love reading favourite's posts so please link me yours in the comments so I can check them out! These are a right random mix of things but I hope you enjoy reading about what I have been loving!

I'm not usually one for podcasts and things but after reading Laura from Lola & Behold's blog post about this Podcast called 'Serial' I was intrigued. Without giving too much away 'Serial' is a 12 episode series based on the true story of Adnan Syed, sentenced for murdering his ex girlfriend in 1999. After finishing the series I was desperate to find out more and have Googled so many things. If you're into true crime, you should definitely check this out and let me know what you think! I started this in March and finished most of it within a week but have only just caught the final episode this week. I'm starting on 'Criminal' next.

As the nights are getting lighter and the weather is getting warmer, I have been loving salads. It's so much easier to eat healthy when it's warmer - is that just me?  I created a whole post on Summer Salad ideas which you can see here. Maybe it's because summer will soon be here I'm panicking that I haven't got to my target weight yet! Not that it matters as I rarely get a chance to go out in the sun!

Now that I have a car again I've been able to get back in the gym, but can often find my workouts boring. I recently saw Bryony's post about yoga and decided to give some of the beginner videos a try. As a complete newbie, I thought "how hard can it be?" and "it's just posing right?".. Wrong! After just 2 days I literally couldn't move. I could really feel that I had worked the muscles in my core, and I was hooked. Just half an hour is all it takes a day. I've only done 3 of the beginner Yoga With Adriene videos  and I have just invested in a yoga mat and hope to keep it up to help with my flexibility or lack thereof.

Another random favourite of mine this month has been Paperchase postcards. I don't think these are available online but they have a huge selection in store. Some of them are really quirky or just cute. They fit nicely in these Poundland frames I bought too, I just need to find some way of arranging these on a space on one of my walls.

Polaroids. The novelty of being able to have Polaroid prints which come from my iPhone photos for me is really exciting. Is that sad? If you'd like to have £5 worth of prints for free, download the app Polagram and check out my post for a discount code. I've just put another order in so I'll probably arrange these in one of those 'Pinterest Worthy' heart shaped designs.

What are your favourites this month?

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  1. Woo so many favourites I love too! I'm a huge yoga fan, it's so nice for stretching and gaining space. I also loved serial, I listened to undisclosed the other week and wasn't too impressed. I listen to a whole heap of podcasts though, I love them! I blogged recently about them actually. I've been feeling salads too, they are so nice in this weather right :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte


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