Monday 16 February 2015

Wingz* Review

As someone who has suffered with eczema on my arms for most of my life, I often find myself choosing outfits that cover my affected areas up. I own quite a few sleeveless dresses but usually I end up covering my arms with a cardigan which then hides the dress.

Then I discovered Wingz. The product I had been waiting for all these years. Wingz are sleeves which cover your arms but do not have a visible neckline. They work by sitting under your bra and to the naked eye would appear to be a part of the dress.

Wingz Fashion

The first pair of Wingz I received were the White full length ones priced at just £9.00. The material is soft and gives full length coverage of the arms. I paired mine with a sleeveless dress and no one even noticed that I was only wearing sleeves as they simply look like I had a long sleeved top underneath.

Wingz Fashion
Wingz Fashion

Wingz Fashion

The second pair of Wingz I received were the black viscose flare which are £15.99. These feel a lot more dressy to me and are perfect for wearing on a night out or heading out to a meal. I should have ironed them first though - oops! These cover the top of the arms which is the area I am most self conscious about so are perfect. I feel like I can wear a whole new range of dresses now that I have these Wingz in my life and I can't wait to tell my friends about these who are also self conscious about their arms for various reasons.

Wingz Fashion  
Wingz Fashion
I feel a lot more confident wearing the Wingz with my dresses and they are perfect for the office. I love the long sleeved-version as it's usually pretty cold where I work, and offers maximum coverage.

There are all-sorts of styles, lengths and colours over on the Wingz website, so please do go and check them out.

*I was sent these Wingz for the purpose of a review. All opinions are 100% honest and I was not influenced in any way, for more information please read my disclaimer.
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  1. These are a fab idea! :) I get a bit self conscious of my arms too as I also have eczema. I particularly like the flared sleeves, very stylish! x


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