Thursday 5 February 2015

Weekly Weigh in and Food diary - Week 4

I really must try and be good this week after being bad.I am determined to get to my target for the summer so I can feel confident and I have 1 stone left to lose!

B - Banana before the gym, then I had a wholemeal ham and cucumber roll with an Apple.
L -  Stir fry noodles, veg and oyster sauce.
D - Spaghetti and meatballs with a homemade tomato sauce, topped with cheese!
S -  I snacked on some toasted pine nuts and pumpkin seeds.
E - Gym... I did a 45 minute walk/run on the treadmill, Leg press 10 reps x 4 sets 80lbs, Hip Adduction 10 reps x 4 sets 55lb and 10 x 4 70lbs and Ab Crunches 10 x 4 55lb. I also walked around at lunch.

B - Bacon sandwich and an apple.
L -  More stir fry noodles and veg, this time I had them with quorn nuggets which are my new love!
D - I had work late so I just had a quick dinner of Jacket potato with cheese and beans.
S -  Banana cake and a cup of tea which I got from Graze.
E - Walked about during work for approx 5 hours. In the freezing cold.. brrrrr...

B - Marmite on toast! The best!
L -  I had stir fry again, it was my last portion though so it should change things up a bit for you guys..
D - Lasagne and garlic bread.. Mmmm.
S -  I had some roses chocolates at work.
E - Walked around at lunch, did about 2-3 miles.

B -For breakfast I had a banana.
L - My lunch was a homemade afternoon tea which I prepared for me and my boyfriend. Sandwiches, scones, crisps and some little treats on top!
D - For dinner I had  a prawn thai green curry and rice with chopped tomatoes and spring onions.
S -  A couple of biscuits and a kitkat.
E - Didn't do a lot of movement all day hah.

B - I slept through breakfast, Lazy Sunday's at their finest!
L -  I had quorn nuggets, home cooked chips, beans and a fried egg.
D - Roast dinner! Yum.
S -  I had some smarties in the evening.
E - Did even less movement than Saturday.

B - Baked oats with raspberries and a muller light yoghurt.
L - Made a big batch of quorn chilli and rice so expect to see this for the rest of the week! Delicious.
D - Vegetable chilli. My butt is gonna be on fire tonight.
S -  I made cookies so had one of those.
E - Walking around on my lunch break. I was meant to go to the gym but I slept really badly last night.

B - Nak'd bar, an apple, a banana and coffee.
L - Quorn chilli again, I love it!
D - Omelette with lots of salad and some chips.
S -  Some bonbons! Naughty. Oh and lots of green tea, I love the stuff.
E - Walking about at lunch.

Total weight loss this week: 2.5lbs! Woop!
Only 11.5lbs to go until target!



  1. I love your post! This is such a good idea for a blog entry :) xx

    Lauren |

  2. love your healthy meals! keep up the good work! I hope you get to your goal!

    xoxo, Maddie


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